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Toby Keith - I Love This Bar (Chord)
Album: Shock'n Y'All (2003)
Submitter: palamin0 (3) on 8/13/03 63 comments
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Artist: Toby Keith
Title: I love this bar
released: August, 13 2003
cd: Shock and Ya'll
chords by: palamin0 at

Toby Keith - I love this bar

Intro - D

(verse 1)
         D               A
We got winners, we got losers,
G                    D
 Chain smokers and boozers,
             D               A
And we got yuppies, we got bikers,
      G                A
We got, thirsty hitchhikers,

         Bm                   A               G
And the girls next door dress up like movie stars,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,

(verse 2)
         D                A
We got Cowboys, we got truckers,
G                           D      
 Broken hearted fools and suckers,
              D                A
An' we got husslers, we got fighters,
G                      A
 Early byrds and all nighters,

         Bm                   A            G
And the veterans talk about their battle scars,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,

            Bm                  D
I love this bar, it's my kind place,
Just walk in through the front door,
        A               A7
Puts a big smile on my face,
             Bm                D - G
It ain't too far, come as you are,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,

(verse 3)
           D                         A
I've seen short skirts, we've got high-techs,
G                         D
  Blue collar boys and rednecks,
             D               A
An' we got lovers, lots of lookers,
           G                      A
I've even seen dancin girls and hookers,

        Bm                A                 G
And we like to drink our beer from a mason jar,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,

(lead chords - Bm - D - Bm - D)

I like my truck, (I like my truck),
I like my girlfriend, (I like my girlfriend),
I like to take her out to dinner,
           A            A7
I like a movie now and then,

                Bm                  D
But I love this bar, it's my kind place,
Just trollin' around the dance floor,
        A               A7
Puts a big smile on my face,
           Bm                 D - G
No cover charge, come as you are,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,
Em   F#m  G      A         D
hmm, hmm, hm , I love this bar,

(thnx rawood for the correction) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
good tab on this one your 75% on your tabs, im wondering about the Em though,
maybe a different chord, but i will try and see if any other chord variations
that fit, thanks for the starting tab though my friend, you get the songs that
are just hitting the charts, your a good man
-meow_meow | 8/24/2003
the "Em" is can try all the progressions, structures you want:)
-palamin0 | 8/24/2003
OK, I have had an opportunity to play along
with this song a few times and the only chords I would change is the Bm to F#m
on the Hmm, hmm, hm's. its still a ten but I
think that chord fits better. Just my opinion
for what ever its worth.
-rawood | 8/25/2003
rawood my friend you are correct,
it does go to the F#m there instead of Bm.
thanx for the correction:)

the tab has been corrected:)
-palamin0 | 8/25/2003
how do you make the F#m chord?
and why ain't don't you use a capo for the song when toby does in the video?
-Chirs_Cagle | 8/28/2003
well for one.....
THis was tabb'd way before the video came out.......
and if ya need a capo just slap
one on your fret board and transpose away
since ya seen how he did it in the video:)
-palamin0 | 8/29/2003
I think playing F#m as a barre chord sounds
better and it's easier to transition from
the Em. Try 244222.
-fishman2002 | 8/30/2003
I think you guys nailed it... good work...

-Jof76 | 8/30/2003
this tab is correct to the bone. ive been playing for 12 years
and i can pretty much play whatever i hear. and this is exactly what
i hear when toby does it. good job. and by the way, liike you said,
who gives a hoot about the lyrics or grammer or all that proper bulls!
@#$. this is countryTABS

-frodaddy5 | 9/12/2003
All I gotta say is it's tabbed right
-cooperreese | 9/14/2003
Excellent tab! If you want lyrics go to
-Daniel Kleeson | 9/15/2003
Ya'll did a d@mn good job pulling out these chords. But is their a
capo on or not. Ya'll let me know. GO OLE'MISS
-texrebel | 9/16/2003
nope no capo:)

on my tabs I put above the intro chords if there is a capo used and capo placement:)
-palamin0 | 9/17/2003
i havent played for very long but, i think that your voice has a lot
to do with weather or not you use a capo. I have followed palaminO's
tabs since i joined, dont worry about all the misconstrewed coments
palaminO, there are plenty of us whom admire your great work. keep
it coming pal.
-BIGCOUNTRY98 | 9/19/2003
BIGCOUNTRY98 thanks so much for such a nice complement, that make's it all worth it:)
-palamin0 | 9/22/2003
good job guys, i have to kapo everything in the second fret to fit
my voice. it sounds ok with the cords you have.but the drunks i play
with won't know the difference anyway

-GIG-1 | 9/23/2003
Will Someone Please Tell me The right way to
Play "F#m" Please,palamin0 How Do You Play
It,I Would Appreciate It very Much If You
Would Tell Me....
-grizzly | 9/27/2003
F#m can be:

x44222 or 244222



there are many ways to play an F#m as with any othe chord:)
-palamin0 | 9/28/2003
Good job on this tab. To anyone who rips anyone else's tabs/chords
on this site, quit b***hing and tab it yourself, or shut up and go

-awd340 | 10/2/2003
I just started playing the acoustic guitar last year and this site
has been a God sent to someone who wants to play the new songs.
Since I don't consider myself an expert, all I can consider if the
chords go with the lyrics. Sounds good to me when I'm playing the
chords donated by nice people who take the time to give us the

-rhvalen | 10/2/2003
excellent job Palamin0...
-avengerkid | 10/3/2003

-ABERNATHY_AU | 10/6/2003
how about the lead tabed out
-DR50 | 10/9/2003
Great gob on the tab.
-rtcc | 10/11/2003
Palamin0 keep on tabbin these songs man. I can normally pick out
songs myself, but if I can't, I know I can count on you having the
song done. Thanks again man
-southrnthunder1 | 10/14/2003
i played this tab with the song and the chords are all correct so it
sounds though i havent taken a close look but yes the place ment is
a tiny bit off but overall great job
-guitarfreakbt50 | 10/25/2003
i will tab out the lead and solo in the next week or so. we just
started playing it in the bars. your tab is right, by the way
-jmuelss | 10/30/2003
great tab,sounds great ,hit it right on the head

-minookajoe | 11/8/2003
good tab sounds great

-1tawdy1 | 11/18/2003
Can anyone tell me if I can play something besides F#m in the
refrain...I can't figure out how to play that chord? Thanks
-BaggerVAnce | 11/19/2003
Go to Wal-Mart, look in the posters, You should find a Guitar
Chord Poster, it's great.
-detectorbill | 11/19/2003
i think another way to play f#m is X44200, it sounds more like a
suspended chord...i think it sounds tight. when you play the chord
though, you can strum all 6 strings, and mute the bottom E with
whatever finger you have on the A string. if it helps at all.
-jimmyjack | 11/20/2003
I think it's great!! Good job. If you want chord variations go
to You can enter a chord and it will give you
variations also.
-AllanS33 | 11/21/2003
To make F#m easier...since it is part of a walkup you could play
it like this: 244xxx that way you still get those bass notes
which make it sound more like the song.

For the record a normal F#m is played like this: 244222 For those
who haven't gotten into bar chords yet hold down (or bar) the 2nd
fret with your index finger.
-Shantel | 11/26/2003
Can you please help with the Bm chord. Thanks for the tab!
-graham | 11/28/2003
Bm = x24432 (bar chord) or xx4432
-Shantel | 12/1/2003
Great Tab! Keep them Coming!
-BandPforever | 12/1/2003
Does anyone have the midi for this song...I am looking for the drum
track for my drum machine. Where is a good place to get country midi
files (for free)????

-d35355 | 12/14/2003
Thanks for the lyrics, one of these days I may learn how to play.
Until then I'll keep on singing. My first time here this is the best
site yet for country. Thanks. Joe !

-rockshop | 1/14/2004
Hey FOOFEE, if you don't like the song, why click on it. Go ahead
and keep playing your "lame" songs. You must not be that musical
since you can't even tell a good song when you see one. In my
opinion "I Love This Bar" is one of Toby's greatest songs. I don't
care what you say.

-nunzbomb | 1/20/2004
Hey FOOFEE, or whatever, this song brings on
so much chatter because all the "chatters"
seem to like it. I don't doubt the fact
that you have musical talent, if you do,
but don't come in and slam others for
liking it and wanting to learn to play.
That's just rude!
-RUFNECK_25 | 1/25/2004
Actually the way that it is tabbed is pretty close to perfect and
there is no doubt that it is in the right key. PalaminO usually
doesn't have many mistakes but your welcome to your own opinion.

-nunzbomb | 1/29/2004
in my opinion this is an excellent chord pro for this song, although
i prefer the regular E chord in place of your E7. Thanks for the hard
work sounds great!

-DALEJR8FAN | 2/7/2004
If FOFEE did not like this song, the why in the world would you have clicked on it to see the tab. Surely you have more exciting songs to spend your time on. Great Tab!!!!
-wlc74 | 2/26/2004
Comment by: lmofle | 2/27/2004
Why do you guys waste your time looking at
these tabs. You should only look at mine.
I'm by far the best tabber on the site.

That was NOT Larry. I wish the sneaky little
(expletive) would let me know his IP address
so I could drop him a nice little cpu bomb...
Man how weak is it to get on someone else's
name and post BS messages...he knows Korry
isn't gonna ban Larry, so he'll say what he
wants and everyone will just think Larry's an that makes me mad.

-Smoothie7745 | 2/28/2004
great tab keep up the good work. Can always rely on you for an A+ tab.

-nunzbomb | 2/29/2004
hey FOOFE or whatever your name is. Guess what Buddy...I'm a
professional to. I play in full concert bands. Before you start
complaining about must remember that you too started
out in humble roots of playing. Don't ever lose sight of
that. Some of these people are just starting to tab, some are
experienced. EVERYBODY makes a mistake...even you bucko. Don't
forget it.


There is an old adage that you might want to remember. "If you don't
have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all"

-zizzy34 | 3/1/2004
This tab is very well done , over the electric accoustic it's sounds amazing , good job to whom tabbed it out.
-Happycampr | 3/26/2004
GREAT TAB!!!!!!! Loved it
but i would like to make a small suggestion
when it does the
Em F#m G
hmm, hmm, hm,
use ure number 3&4 finger 4 the Em then slid it down 2 frets and bar the 2nd fret 4 the F#m then slie the F#m down 1 fret 2 make the G i think this works better and is easier then going all over the place w/ the 3 chords and you can do it faster

-Southernrocker7 | 5/1/2004
Being a beginner - can someone help me with the strumming pattern? Thanks
-csweber | 7/19/2004
as for stumming pattern, i would play the song on the radio and play along. thast the best thing about chord tabs, you can play the song however you want.
-coleburn | 7/25/2004
csweber, as lame as it may be, use a karaoke
cd. I'm a beginner too and the kcd is great
because there are no vocals to cover the music.

-singindad | 8/9/2004
This is an awesome tab....I did not know that one song could generate this much commentary...if you know of another tab that has more comments let me know...keep on tabbin.
-ehuddpitch | 11/17/2004
Can someone please explain to me the x's and the numbering system in the tabs.i.e. x44222 or xx4222. i do not know what they mean or I should say how to read them. I play a F#m by putting my index finger on the second fret first three strings and my ring finger on string 4 and 5. i have fat fingers so i can play two strings at once. real curious about the numbering system though.
-Flydtmn | 11/29/2004
x44222 or xx4222

X = closed string or don't play
0 = open string
6 = 6th fret
5 = 5th fret
4 = 4th fret
3 = 3rd fre
2 = 2nd fret
1 - 1st fret

Strings = E - A - D - G - B - E
Frets = X 4 4 2 2 2

there are some great lessons on this site
by some great guitarists here that will
help you. Look on the left-hand side under
menu click on "Lessons" hope this helps
-palamin0 | 11/30/2004
Thanks for your time. I now understand it. Quite easy actually.
-Flydtmn | 11/30/2004
wow !!!!! this is a lot of freakin' comments for one tab

p.s. great tab man

-chevyguy | 12/25/2004
I'm a biggenier guitar player and all and I know all the chords in the song but when you are reading this how do you know what rythm to strum to like up down up down or something? Help!? my e-mail is
-SHEPANK | 2/15/2005
Just a suggestion but the progression everyone is debating is played in a lot of classic songs as: Em D/F# G A with D/F# being

-dcef | 3/18/2005
Ie this song, ND THIS TAB IS AMAZIng! just one thing: You put down "just walk in through the front door, puts a big smile on my face". do You mean walkin'? I know, call me a cherry picker, whatever, lol! :D
-olgalu | 5/30/2005
Great job
-Carnage | 7/8/2005
thanks for the great tab. im a beginner, could someone help with the intro and little riffs thoughout. doesnt seem like the intro tabs on here are so good. thanks.
-jerkins | 8/18/2005
hey palamino, i just discovered this tab and i gotta say, WOW!! this is awesome!! great job and keep up the great work!!
-brokensoul | 7/1/2008
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