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Trace Adkins - Arlington (Chord)
Album: American Man, Greatest Hits Vol. II (2007)
Submitter: WildCard76 (222) on 6/11/05 8 comments
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Trace Adkins
Written by Jeremy Spillman and Dave Turnbull
Album: Songs About Me
2005, Capitol Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
1:46 PM 6/11/2005

Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (G) (C/G) (G) (C/G)

I (G) never thought that (C/G) this is where I'd (G) settle down. (C/G)
I (G) thought I'd die an (C/G) old man back in (G) my hometown. 
They gave (G/F#) me this (Em) plot of land,
Me and some (C) other men, (D) for a job (G) well done. (C/G)  

There's a (G) big White House sits (C/G) on a hill just (G) up the road. (C/G)
The (G) man inside, he (C/G) cried the day they (G) brought me home. 
They (G/F#) folded (Em) up a flag and told my (C) Mom and Dad: (D)
"We're proud of (G) your son." 

  And I'm (C) proud to be on this (D) peaceful piece of (G) property.
  I'm on (C) sacred ground and I'm (D) in the best of (G) company.
  I'm (Em) thankful for those (D) thankful for the (C) things I've done.
  I can (D) rest in peace; 
  I'm one of the (C) chosen ones: (D)
  I made it to (G) Arlington. (C/G) (G) (C/G) 

I re(G)member Daddy (C/G) brought me here when (G) I was eight. (C/G)
We (G) searched all day to (C/G) find out where my (G) granddad lay. 
And when (G/F#) we finally (Em) found that cross,  
He said: "Son, this is (C) what it costs (D) to keep us (G) free." (C/G)

Now (G) here I am, a (G/C) thousand stones a(G)way from him. (C/G)
He (G) recognized me (G/C) on the first day (G) I came in.
And it (G/F#) gave (Em) me a chill when he (C) clicked his heels, (D)
And saluted (G) me. 

-Repeat Chorus- 

And (Em) everytime I (D) hear (G) twenty (G/F#) one (Em) guns,
(C) I know they brought another (G/B) hero (C) home to (D) us.

Fiddle Solo

  We're (Em) thankful for those (D/F#) thankful for the (C) things we've done.
  We can (D) rest in peace;  
  We are the (C) chosen ones: (D)
  We made it to (G) Arlington. (C/G) (G) (C/G) 

  Yeah, (Em) dust to dust,
  Don't (D) cry for us: 
  (NC) We made it to Arlington.

Repeat Intro 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sweet man. i LOVE this song. i went on a
highschool field trip to DC in april and we
stopped at Arlington. it puts the song into
a new perspective.

-cpova | 6/12/2005
Great job. It sounds perfect. Now if I could just sing as low as he can...
-sgtporter44 | 6/12/2005
i can sing as low as he can, and im pretty if i was just a little better at the guitar though :(
anyway great tab i love this song
-qweasdzxc | 10/10/2005
how bout without a capo please
-darthnc | 11/1/2005
Great job man!!! Great song and great tab, love it!
-newalsh | 2/2/2006
this song is beautiful, great tab i just about cried the first time i heard it

-daveistoobig | 2/11/2006
I don't like that G/F#, but I can work around that. Everything else is perfect.
-tpmadden | 4/30/2009
I substitute an AM at some of the places where there is an Em, especially if it follows a C chord. I also have to sing this 4th Fret G. B flat is a little too low for my voice, but I'm a woman trying to honor our veterans and show admiration to Trace Adkins by singing this song
-guitarmom3 | 5/6/2014
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