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Tracy Byrd - Take Me With You When You Go (Chord)
Album: It's About Time (1999)
Submitter: EMRLDEYZS (26) on 7/21/03
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 3,155
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Tabbed By: Emrldeyzs

INTRO: D picked and then A picked Listen to Song.

D                      A      Bm              A
You can settle down in Mexico run away join a circus show.
D               A                Bm   A
What ever baby it's alright with me.
D                  A            Bm               A
Take a walk in the pouring rain sky dive from a jet airplane.
D                   A                Bm   A
A love like ours is all about being free.
G                          D                 Em               A
There's two chairs on the front porch one's yours and one is mine.
G              D                 C                   A
Four wheels in the driveway and it tapers across the line.
G                D           Em               A
It doesn't really matter if you want to rock or roll.
G            A                 D    (D picked A picked)
Just take me with you when you go.
D                     A              Bm                A
Swim the ocean for a million pearls hitchhike all the way around the

D                    A                   Bm    A
Fly to the moon in a rocket ship I don't care.
D                         A          Bm               A
Ride a camel across the desert sand sail away to never never land.
D               A        Bm        A
Imagination can take you anywhere.
G         D         Em                 A
So be the hero that rides off into the sun.
G                 D      C           A
Or a wild raging river always on the run.
G           D               Em                   A
Change directions like the strong fourwinds that blow.
G                A             D
Just take me with you when you go.
G               D          Em             A
Take tommorrow and forever every turn you make.
I want to be there
G            A       (D and A picked)
I want to be there...
G           D      Em                  A
Live like a gypsy chase your destined dreams.
G                            D               C           A
Get lost in the blues down on Bourbon Street down in New Orleans.
G          D              Em                A
Believe in Heaven if you want to save your soul.
G                 A            D
Just take me with you when you go. (x2)
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