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Travis Tritt - Foolish Pride (Chord)
Album: Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof (1994)
Submitter: jca4jc (0) on 7/21/01 9 comments
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Foolish Pride Capo 3rd

D                             G            D
She stayed up all night and cried into her pillow
           G                                    A
And fought off the urge to just break down and call
     D                 G                    D
Last night to find the fault seemed so darn easy
        G                                   A
But now whose to blame don't matter much at all
    D                   G                    D
She thinks if she calls him it just shows weakness
       G                                    A
So the hurt goes on with every tear she's cried
         G                              D/G
Ain't it sad to see a good love fall to pieces
      D                   A            D/G/D
Chalk another heartbreak up to foolish pride
                        G             D
Turn out the lights the competition's over
    G                                  A
The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight
    D                 G             D                  G
And while the bridges burn, another hard-hard lesson's learned
   D                 G              D
As through the ashes passion slowly dies
    G                 A               D
And this romance goes down to foolish pride

                 G                  D
He relives every word they spoke in anger
   G                                    A
He walkes the floor and punches out the wall
   D            G               D
To apologize to her would be so simple
    G                                       A
But instead he cries I'll be damned if I'll crawl
   D        G                 D
If he loses her he's lost his best friend
           G                          A
And that's more then just a lover can provide
      D             G             D/G
So he wrestles with emotions that defeat him
      D                 G     A       D/G/D
Chalk another love lost up to foolish pride
TAG   G                  A             D/G/D
Chalk another heartbreak up to foolish pride 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This song is missing a chord of Bb ,
It just dosn't sound right with only useing the chords that have
been given.
-watson | 2/23/2003

-watson | 2/23/2003

-watson | 2/23/2003
Correction on that last comment that I sent in regards to the chord
that I think was missing from this song , It's not Bb it,s B7
-watson | 2/23/2003
The part where it says dies----needs to be an A instead of a D. Same for the next verse
-bigdreamer | 6/17/2005
I think there's an Em missing as well, try "walks the floor, and punches out the wall" with an Em added before the A.
-benjaminukfan1 | 9/16/2005
Another Em here: "as through the passion, ashes slowly die" should be Em, G, then A
-benjaminukfan1 | 9/16/2005
not a "10" tab IMO
-benjaminukfan1 | 9/16/2005
not quite!
-stevemack | 11/5/2005
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