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Ty England - Travelin' Soldier (Chord)
Album: Highways And Dance Halls (2000)
Submitter: WildCard76 (167) on 12/10/04
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 3,407
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Ty England
Submitted by: Christopher R.
12:00 PM 12/10/2004

Capo 2nd Fret (To Match Recording)

G   =    320033
C   =    x32033
F   =    133211
D   =    xx0232
Em7 =    022030

(G) Two days past 18,  
He's waiting for the bus in his army greens.
Sat (C) down in a booth at a cafe there,
Gave his (G) order to a girl with a bow in her hair.
He's a little shy so she gave him a smile,
And he said "Would you mind sitting down for a while,
And (C) talking to me, I'm feeling a little (G) low."
She said "I'm (F) off in an hour, and (C) I know where we can (G) go."
(G) So they went down and they sat on the pier,
He said "I bet you've got a boyfriend, but I don't care,
I've (C) got no one to send a letter (G) to.
Would you (F) mind if I sent (C) one back here to (G) you?"

  (Em7) How (D) I cried, (C) never gonna hold the (G) hand of another guy,
  Too young for him they told her, 
  (D) Waiting for the love of a traveling soldier.
  (Em7) Our love will (D) never end, 
  (C) Waiting for the soldier to come back again,
  (G) Never more to be alone,
  When a (D) letter says a soldier's coming (Em) home. (D) (C)

Well the (G) letters came from an army camp in California,
Then Vietnam, and he (C) talked about his heart, 
It might be love, and (G) all of the things he was so scared of.
He said "When it's gettin' kinda rough over here,
I think of that day sittin' down at the pier,
And (C) close my eyes and see your pretty (G) smile.
Don't (F) worry, but I won't be (C) able to write for a (G) while."

Repeat Chorus
One (G) Friday night at a football game,
The Lord's Prayer said, and the anthem sang,
A (C) man said "Folks, would you bow your heads,
For the (G) list of local Vietnam dead."
Crying all alone under the stands,
Was a Piccolo player and the marching band,
And (C) one name read, and nobody really (G) cares,
But a (F) pretty little girl with a (C) bow in her (G) hair.

Repeat Chorus

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