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Vince Gill - Little Brother (Chord)
Album: These Days (2006)
Submitter: Ray Terry (75) on 2/13/07
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 7,279
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Little Brother 
Vince Gill
Album: These Days

Intro: C-F-G-C-F-C-G-C
C                   F                   C
We were just kids, growing up in West Texas, 
                      G      C
Remember the hell we raised 
                      F                    C
We chased the girls, we never could catch them, 
                 G    C
Those were are glory days 

C                     F                 C
You called me cowboy,  Cause I drove a pickup 
and sang those old cheatin' songs 
        C                     F                    C
Buy a bottle of Boone's Farm,   wind up all messed up 
                  G         C  
Where have those years all gone 

F                  C
Hey little brother, this is old cowboy 
Best keep your radio on 
  F                     C 
Cause I might get lucky,  sing on the Opry 
     G                      C
And I'll dedicate you this song 

Instrumental: C-F-C-G-C

C                   F            C
I hit the highway, never looked back 
You stayed here in our old hometown 
       C                 F                C
You married a sweet girl   down around Austin
                     G            C 
Had nine kids whose eyes are all brown 

                      F               C
I hit every barroom, Bakersfield to Boston 
Seeking whiskey, fortune, and fame 
   C                       F               C 
Countin' these white lines,  sure gets lonely 
                 G           C    
Someday they'll all know my name 

Repeat Chorus 
Instrumental: (C-F-C-G-C) 2X
C                            F             C
Well the years come and go, I've sure realized 
There ain't nothin like your best friend 
            C                  F                  C
If there's one thing I know, 'Til the day that I die 
               G             C   
You've got me back, brother Ben 

Repeat Chorus

C                          F                        C
Yeah tonight I got lucky, singin' on the Grand Ole Opry 
       G             C
I dedicate you this song

Outro: C-F-C-G-C
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