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Vince Gill - We Could Have Been (Chord)
Album: When I Call Your Name (1998)
Submitter: WildCard76 (164) on 6/20/05
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 2,119
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Vince Gill
Album: When I Call Your Name
1989, MCA Records
Submitted by: christopher r.
4:10 AM 6/20/2005

Capo 4th Fret

(D) Today at (G) work I (A/C#) overheard a (D) name
I (D/F#) knew it wasnít (G) yours but it (D/F#) touched me just the (G) same (A)
(D) It felt so (G) good to (A/C#) have you in my (Bm) mind (Bm/A)
(G) I guess Iím the sentimental (Asus4) kind (A)

  I (D) won(D/F#)der (G) who (A) you be(D)came
  Did you change (D/F#) the (G) world
  Or (A) play the (D) game
  We came (D/F#) so cl(G)ose to (A/C#) love back (Bm) then (Bm/A)
  (G) We (A) could have (D) been

(D) You were so (G) brave (A/C#) when I was (D) shy
(D/F#) I made you (G) laugh when (D/F#) something made you (G) cry (A)
(D) And I donít (G) think we (A/C#) ever said good(Bm)bye (Bm/A)
(G) Now Iíll always wonder (Asus4) why (A)

Repeat Chorus

(Bm) A time or two
I (D) thought about calling
(Bm) But something always (D) gets in the way
(Bm) Maybe Iím af(G)raid youíd really (D) answer
(G) What would I say to (Asus4) you (A)

Repeat Chorus
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