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Waylon Jennings - Ain't No God In Mexico (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (6) on 2/13/02 2 comments
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Verse 1:
         D                                      E
 	 Down the road a ways i've heard said a new day's coming on
                   A                                D 
 	 Where the women folks are friendly and the law leaves you alone
 	 I'll believe it when i see it and i haven't seen it yet
                   B                                 E  
 	 Don't mind me just keep on talking i'm just looking for my hat

Chorus 1:
                A                             E
 	 There ain't no God in Mexico,ain't no way to understand
 	 How that border crossing feeling makes afool out of a man
 	 If i'd never felt the sunshine then i would not curse the rain
 	 If my feet could fit a railroad track,i guess i'd been a train

Verse 2:
         D                                     E       
 	 Me and Louise Higgins-Botham used to chase across the yard
                 A                 D  
 	 Back in 1947 that's when more than times were hard
 	 Well pity me i didn't find the line in time like a fool
                     B                     E      
 	 In front of God and everybody i politely blew my cool

Chorus 2:
                  A                      E   
 	 Ain't no God in Mexico,ain't no comfort in the king
 	 When you're down in Madamoris getting busted by the man
 	 If i'd never felt the sunshine,Hell i would not curse the rain
 	 If i hadn't been railroaded well i guess i'd been a train

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If you're able to play the intro to this song, please tab it and share the knowledge.
-caseyheilman | 5/12/2004
i thought it was " Ain't no comfort in the can" ?
-Chino | 3/20/2010
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