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Waylon Jennings - Out Of Jail (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (56) on 2/13/02 1 comment
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Verse 1:
 	 I sat at a bar having a beer
          F        G           C/G
 	 Tryin' to hold down the stool 

 	 When a stranger walked in - stood there beside me
              F            G           C/G
 	 And plopped down there like a fool

 	 He started drinkin' then he started talkin'
                F                G          C/G 
 	 About things that were wrong in his life
             F                    C/G  
 	 The more that i heard the more i believed
                             G           C/G 
 	 The thing that was wrong was his wife

Verse 2:
 	 You talk about beauty,when we first met
      F                G          C/G 
 	 She was all a man could desire

 	 Talk about love,one night with her
      F                      G      C/G 
 	 Would set your very soul on fire

 	 But loves little flame is out of control
      F                   G          C/G  
 	 About three feet high from behind
      F                                         C/G        
 	 Ever since we've been married,well i've come to believe
                             G            C/G
 	 That love's for the dumb and the blind

Verse 3:
 	 'Cause you talk about ugly,when she gets mad
      F                G             C/G         
 	 She goes from Jekill to Hyde

 	 She grits her teeth and her eyes roll back
      F                 G      C/G
 	 And pivot from side to side

 	 She completely rewrites the whole English language
             F     G             C/G   
 	 Descr i ptive,four-lettered and loud
              F                         C/G     
 	 Now i can't out think her,but i can sure out drink her
                                   G       C/G        
 	 And that's what i'm doing here now

Verse 4:
         F                              C/G  
 	 I've spent seven years with the wrong woman
         F                       C/G
 	 Seven and going on eight
         F                     C/G
 	 She spent seven years naggin' and eatin'
 	 I'm overwrought and she's overweight
         F             C/G       
 	 If i try leavin' she has me arrested
         F                                     C/G  
 	 And takes her own sweet time gettin' me out
         F                    C/G 
 	 If she ain't number one,she's in the top two
 	 F                       G      C/G 
 	 Of things that i could live without

Verse 5:
         F                    C/G
 	 Men commit murder and all kinds of mayhem
           F                                 C/G 
 	 In a few years they're back on the streets
         F                   C/G  
 	 Highway robbery and white collar crime
 	 And they laugh at the system they beat
             F                      C/G 
 	 Sometimes i'm tempted - sometimes i'm ashamed
                 F                        C/G
 	 Of the things that the law will allow
           F                    C/G    
 	 I could have killed her when i first met her
                                  G      C/G
 	 And i'd have been out of jail by now

 	    F                    C/G 
 	 I could have killed her when we first met 
                                   G      C/G
 	 And i've have been out of jail by now

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In the 4th and 5th verse I believe there is a D chord..

Shes Overwrought and I'm over weight
-tlh_cowtime | 8/30/2015
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