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Waylon Jennings - Right For The Time (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (85) on 2/13/02 1 comment
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Verse 1:
 	 Almost out of adolescence
            D                        A
 	 And into a world we didn't know

 	 Not necessary love
                 D             A       E
 	 But in trouble with a fire down below
 	 Looking back for a feelin'
                   D                            A
 	 It's just something far away and long ago
                D      A        E
 	 I can still recall the name
 	 But she's really someone i don't even know

      A              D  
 	 But she was right for the time
      A          D     A       E   
 	 She was right for the time
 	 But time has a way of moving on

Verse 2:
 	 I do recall a gypsy lady
               D                     A    
 	 And a younger man in over his head

 	 I was her believer
              D            A         E    
 	 Taken in by every loving word she said
 	 It was there for the first time
              D                            A
 	 The sweet and the bitter taste of love
                     D    A     E 
 	 When you're young and alive
 	 Too much never seems to be enough

Verse 3: (a tone higher)
 	 It seems the young and the innocent
              E                      B  
 	 Are drawn like a moth to a flame

 	 To the wild and the reckless
             E             B         F#     
 	 Believing they are one in the same
 	 She never found a way
              E                        B 
 	 To separate the good from the bad
                 E     B     F#
 	 And she never understood
 	 That love was all we ever really had

Verse bis:
      B          E
 	 She was right for the time
 	 But time has a way of moving on
 	 With her eyes on tomorrow
 	 One day she turned around and i was gone
 	 I'd have to say in a way
 	 She just might be better off alone
                 E     B       F#  
 	 She was right for the time
 	 But time has a way of moving on

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i will tab out the lead and solo in the next week or so. we just
started playing it in the bars. your tab is right, by the way
-jmuelss | 10/30/2003
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