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Waylon Jennings - Too Close To Call (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (27) on 2/13/02
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 2,255
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Verse 1:
 	 I have battled with the demons for my soul
 	 Like a soldier unafraid,stood straight and tall
 	 With strong convictions fought for what i thought was right and wrong
               D               A                  E   
 	 But i wonder when it stands in judgement hall
                 D          A                E     
 	 Will it go down as one too close to call

Verse 2:
 	 I have faced that cunning ennemy called time
 	 For awhile i held him cold and to a draw
 	 As he rode away he said another place and day
            D                        A              E  
 	 'Cause you can't erase the writing on the wall
            D                  A                 E     
 	 Although this one was just too close to call

Verse 3:
 	 As i wrestled with my deepest fear in life
 	 I was captured by the shadows on the wall
 	 I was brave but just the same,i was glad when morning came
            D                     A                E 
 	 Because now and then the footsteps in the hall
            D             A                 E     
 	 Remind me it was just too close to call

Verse 4:
 	 I have watched my mind dance too close to the edge
 	 As i stood among the crowd to see it fall
 	 Sometimes now i cling to what i hope is sanity
              D             A              E 
 	 I stagger on this fine like that i walk
              D           A                 E       
 	 And wonder is it just too close to call

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