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Willie Nelson - Be That As It May (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/20/18
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Be That As It May.
Willie Nelson & Paula Nelson.
Album: It Will Always Be.

Intro: B C#m7 E C#m7 B B6

         B                     Bm      C#m
Oh, it's cold outside, And the hardest part,
                  E                     B
That I can't take away the chill in the night,
And I've been pining on and on,
How everything is wrong,
   F#    E6         E          B
As if to throw away everything I own.

And the weather changed again,
But the city looks the same,
Though I can't find the sun,
From the chill in the air.
             C#m7                        B
Be that as it may, I've fallen on better days,
             C#m7                        B
Be that as it may, I've fallen on better days.

Nowhere is a place,
Somewhere hidden in the face,
               E                           B     E7 B E6
Of every dream I've had that doesn't quite exist,
It doesn't pay to blink,
'Cause it's later than you think,
             E                                 B
You're whole life could change with or without me,
A promise is a lie, with a prettier disguise.
          E7                           B
Like I'll love you, for the rest of my life.

             C#m7                        B             
Be that as it may, I've fallen on better days,
             C#m7                        B
Be that as it may, I've fallen on better days.

Ebm                                C#m7
Six o'clock in the morning and here I am,
Ebm7            Ebm          C#m7
Morning without warning once again,
So I'm playing it cool,
    Bm         A
I'm playing it down (I'm playing it down) 
E       E7                C#m&  B6
It's easier on me, all the way around.

Break: A E B 

                  A                           E
And I don't wanna say goodbye, (I don't wanna say goodbye,)
But I'm tired of this and I am running out of time,

(I am running out of time,)
    A                   E
I'd fly if only I could fly,
But I barely walk this time, 
I'm running out of time.

It feels like dying I feel like crying,

I'm Running out of time, (I'm Running out of time,)
A                  E                   B
Feel's like dying, feel's like crying, running out of time. 
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