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brenn hill - With A Whisper (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (383) on 1/26/16
Month Views: 29 | Total Views: 10,463
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With A Whisper
Recorded by Brenn Hill

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(Am) |(Am) |(C) |(Am) |

(Verse 1)
(Am) Show me the (G)ways of (Am)horsemen
Rope halter, (C)snaffle, and bos-(G)al
(Dm) Screw me down tight on the (F)buckers
I wanna (Am)ride (G)this (F)colt (E)through (Am)hell

(Am) Tell me the (G)Roughrider's (Am)secrets
How to 9-1-(C)1 your lat-(G)igo
(Dm) To cross her feet in a (F)tussle
(Am) When (G)to hang (F)on when (E)to let (Am)go

(C) You are a modern contra-(Am)diction
(C) You hold to the ways of yesterday (G)
You (Dm)wooly buckaroo, (Am) I wish I was you
(C) You say all there is to (E)say with a (Am)whisper

(Verse 2)
(Am) Soft-mouthed and (G)always lookin' (Am)for you
I see o-(C)obedience in her eye (G)
(Dm) Her ears are ever-leanin' (F)forward
(Am) Be-(G)tween the (F)desert (E)and the (Am)sky

(Am) With a fancy (G)wild-rag 'round your (Am)neck
Jingle-bobs are (C)singin' outta (G)tune
(Dm) Just you and her until the (F)sun sets
(Am)Here up-(G)on the (F)far O-(E)wyhee (Am)moon

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(Am)(G)|(Am) |(Am)(C)|(G) |
       |(Dm) |(F) |(Am)(G)(F)(E)|(Am) --- |(Am) ---

(Verse 3)
(Am) Show me the (G)ways of (Am)horsemen
Rope halter, (C)snaffle, and bos-(G)al
(Dm) Teach me the Roughrider's (F)secrets
I wanna (Am)ride (G)this (F)colt (E)through --- hell (Am) ----- 
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