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frank foster - Whiskey On The House (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (43) on 5/24/15
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Whiskey On The House
By Frank Foster
Written By Frank Foster
CD: Rowdy Reputation (2011)
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Requested by: 220south on 3/27/2015

A                                   G                D
Well, Lord knows I ain't cut out to be no politician man
       A                           G                     D 
But if I was elected the president, I'd damn sure make a stand
             A                   G                            D
I'd take the taxes off of rifles, give the farmers back their land
                     A                         G                       D
And you could drop a quarter in a drink machine and get bud light in a can

                        G                                     D
And there'd be time for good times, with all your good timin' friends
                       A            G                           D      
Cause I'd make it mandatory, that nobody had to work on the weekend
               G                       D 
And I'd pass a law at every bar in the south
              A                     G                     D
If you play Bocephus on the jukebox, the whiskey's on the house

Yeah, I'd keep the good ole boy in mind as I made a better way
And openin' mornin' for every huntin' season would be a national holiday
And all kind of new credits would soon become the norm
Cause I'd let you write off Copenhagen and Marlboro's on your income tax form


I'd take the White House out of D.C., and put it way down south
Build a big ole' pond off the front lawn where I could fish for large mouth
And I'd put four wheel mud ridin' in the summer Olympic games
And our brand new National Monument would be the Country Music Hall of Fame


Yeah play a little Hank on the jukebox and the whiskey's on the house
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