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Deric Ruttan - Main Street 1979 (Tab)
Submitter: gonecountry1234 (0) on 4/27/12
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Main street 1979

Tune the A,D,B open string make it c maj chord.
ECEGCE capo on  3 it has a kind of travis picking going on. So you need to work on getting an nice alternating picking going on 
the A G strings not represented below because I don't have a tab software so I am just free handing it. The (3) is with the 
thumb to take place of the open G that you are play at the second fret. Repeat  through out song .  This is just a start  and if 
I tried I possibly could have made it more confusing but maybe now some else can show me how it is really done.


Leg sticken to the vianal seats
Ice cream truck goes by on the street
Little brother doesn't even look 
Head bairried in a comic book
Dad come back with cigeretts
Radio plays betty and the jets
Mama sang  don't touch that dial
Daddy just smiles

[And we roll out in a five and dine   (different rythem part haven't figured out yet)
Main street 1979]

Passed the park and the hardware store
Daddy waves to the man in the door
Stopped down at the kfc soon the chicken smellin up the back seat
Mama  says you boys leave that bucket alone 
We'll all eat when we get home
Catch my dad in the side view mirror
Grinin ear to ear

He was holdin mama's hand real tight
Main street 1979

Wonder now how's town this is
As I roll in with my wife and kids
Cause nothing seems to change
But nothing stays the same

Daddy drove on and there he was
Loading lumber on a flat bed truck
Granpa waved and smiled real big
Lord how he loved us grand kids
Six years latter when the cancer came
That old man didn't know my name
Wished now dad had stopped the car 
And I would run for a hug from granpa
But I barrely wave as we drove by 
Main street 1979
What I give for one more drive
Down main street 1979
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