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Ricky Skaggs - Highway 40 Blues (Chord)
Submitter: flyinglibra51 (0) on 8/26/15
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Highway Forty Blues
Ricky Skaggs

Intro E  F#m  B  E  G D A E

                         F#m    B                             
Well these Highway Forty Blues,  
I've walked holes in both my shoes.
                                 F#m   B                                 
Counted the days since I've been gone,  
And I'd love to see the lights of home.
 E7                   A    B                              E     B
Wasted time and money too,  Squandered youth in search of truth,
C#m                     F#                           B
But in the end I had to lose Lord above I've paid my dues
                      E       G D A E
got the Highway Forty Blues.

                              F#m   B                          E
The highway called when I was young, Told me lies of things to come.
                      F#m    B                                    E   
Fame and fortune lies ahead, That's what the billboard lights had said.
E7                          A    B                              E    B
Shattered dreams my mind is numb, My money's gone stick out my thumb.
C#m                            F#                               B
My eyes are filled with bitter tears, Lord I ain't been home in years,
                      E      G D A E
Got the Highway Forty Blues.

(chords for playing along with other instruments 
   like mandolin and steel guitar and banjo)

E F#m B E F#m B E A B E B C#m F#m B E   G D A E

(guitar solo chords)
E F#m B E F#m B E A




________________________17_S19_________   PICK UP AND DOWN
_14_S16____16__________________________   AND PULL STRING AND 
_______________________________________   RELEASE WITH FINGER
_______________________________________   FOR THE EXTRA SOUND

(chords played while steel guitar riff played)

A  B  E  B  C#m  F#m  B  E   G D A E

                          F#m     B
You know I've rambled all around, 
Like a rolling stone from town to town.
                           F#m   B
Met pretty girls I have to say, 
but none of them could make me stay.
          E7                         A     B      
Well I've played the music halls and bars, 
                               E    B
Had fancy clothes and big fine cars,
C#m                        F#                          B
Things a country boy can't use, Dixie Land I sure miss you,
                      E      G A D E
Got the Highway Forty Blues.

outro chords E F#m C#m B E  G D A E 

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell 
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