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Red Shahan - Long Way To Fall (Chord)
Album: Men & Coyotes (2015)
Submitter: lmofle (219) on 12/4/15
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Long Way To Fall
By Red Shahan
Written by Red Shahan?
CD: Men & Coyotes
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Requested by rr13 on 12/3/2015

He is most likely tuned down a 1/2 step and playing this in D but I am tabbing this for 
standard tuning. Play a C chord picking the 5th string, 3rd fret (A note) and keep 
playing the C and when you hear him "walking up" the guitar, he goes to open 4th 
string (D) then 2nd fret, 4th string (E) and then back down. He stays in C almost the 
entire song. I will show these chords as C, C/D and C/E (which is really just a C 
chord, I just want you to know which bass note to pick.

Capo 1

C          C/D         C/E    C/D    C
Wherever I lay my head down tonight
C           C/D               C/E  C/D  C
Won't be as far as we want to be
C       C/D                 C/E            C/D    C
Made my way through June, July and most of August
C            C/D               C/E  C/D  C
Bathing in a creek, no time to dry

Money's been coming in thin this year, oh well
And I ain't has young as I think I am anymore
I could have done better this year in Prescott, no draw
Pick your head up, 26 hours to St. Paul

       Bb   Am     C 
It's a long way to fall
             Bb  Am  G           C
But it's the closest place to it all

Heaters on the homemade grill, ain't no better way
Whip out the guitars and sing them songs we love to play
Howling at the top of our lungs, ain't all about the sleep
It's the only way to keep from going insane from week to week
        C C/D C/E C/D C           C C/D C/E C/D C
We sing ooooooooooooooooooohh,       ooooooooooooohh

Monday's oughta pass by and Tuesday's close behind
Pendleton whiskey empty, it done lost my mind
Wake up in the middle of field, still can't find little brother
Good Lordy, almighty, I hear he went home with so and so's mother


Broke down in the desert
F               C
Wheels off this thinking
No rest for the weary
      F                   G
Let's see how long we can stand it


C          C/D         C/E    C/D    C
Wherever I lay my head down tonight
C           C/D               C/E  C/D  C
Won't be as far as we want to be
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