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Alabama - Dixieland Delight (Chord)
Album: The Closer You Get (2000)
Submitter: lmofle (113) on 7/29/02 7 comments
Month Views: 43 | Total Views: 97,630
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Dixieland Delight
By Alabama

G D Em C G D C Cm G
              G                  D
Rollin' down a backwoods Tennessee byway
Em             C
One arm on the wheel
           G              D
Holdin' my lover with the other
  Em                   C
A sweet, soft Southern thrill
            G                      D
Worked hard all week, got a little jingle
     Em                 C
On a Tennessee Saturday night
              G             D
Couldn't feel better, I'm together
        C    Cm       G
With my Dixieland delight

Spend my dollar
          Em                             C
Park in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight
Hold her up tight
Make a little lovin'
                Em                      C
A little turtle-dovin' on a mason-Dixon night
        Em           C
Fits my life, Oh, so right
   Cm          G
My Dixieland delight

White-tail buck deer munchin' on clover
Red-tail hawk sittin' on a limb
Chubby old groundhog, croakin' bullfrog
Free as a feelin' in the wind
Homegrown country girl
Gonna give me a whirl
On a Tennessee Saturday night
Lucky as a seven, livin' in heaven
with my Dixieland Delight



Chorus - Change to key of A
Spend my dollar
          F#m                            D
Park in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight
Hold her up tight
Make a little lovin'
                F#m                     D
A little turtle-dovin' on a mason-Dixon night
        F#m          D
Fits my life, Oh, so right
   Dm          A
My Dixieland delight
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
hey did a certian part of the song go up a half step ?

-txkidcrisp | 11/10/2003
does anyone know the correct chords for the key change at the end of
the song when it speeds up? I've been guessing for months.

-ryanwxbm | 12/11/2003
this song is great .. i saw alabama play in houston at the rodeo....
it was an awesome show

-rcernoch | 12/25/2003
it speeds up at the change and the notes are F#/G#/A#
-mason55 | 2/13/2005
Pre-Solo chords are: F G A (2x) then the solo is: A E F#m D A E D Dm A (the same as the intro chords just one step higher). Hope this helps.
-mbarbee | 12/2/2008
I found a really cool cover video on YouTube of this song. He plays it with rougher, Red Dirt/Texas Country style, not quite Alabama but I think it's pretty dang cool, good voice too! Hes gotta bunch of other covers on his channel also. Here's the link for anyone interested:
-g-stringonmyaxe | 9/11/2010
If that link didn't work just go on YouTube and search: Amonsiball Dixieland Delight Acoustic Cover
-g-stringonmyaxe | 9/11/2010
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