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Alan Jackson - Had It Not Been You (Chord)
Album: Like Red On A Rose (2006)
Submitter: Ray Terry (190) on 12/6/06 1 comment
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Had It Not Been You
Alan Jackson
From "Like Red On A Rose" CD

Intro: F-C-F-C
     F                                      C
The girl's wouldn't look anything like they do
Can't imagine my life without dresses and shoes

I never taking a sunset from a front porch swing
    Bb                     G            
Or make any sense of the pleasure love brings
 F                  Dm              C    F  
I'd been alone for sure, had it not been you

                            C                             F
I wouldn't reach for your arms When my dreams don't come true
                   C                         F
Never sit holding hands On a crowded church pew

I wouldn't smile when my fingers run through your hair
          Bb                  G
Or laugh when we race to the top of the stairs
         F       Dm               C    F
I'd get old for sure, had it not been you

                     C           F                         Bb 
You know there are times That I can't wait to pick up the phone
When you're callin' 
          F            C           Dm                   Bb    
And the three little voices That always chime in right along, 
When we're talkin'

   Bb             C                   F
Oh I never would see through eyes of truth
        Bb               C
And my heart would have overlooked
   C                   Dm                Bb         C
a view that some just talk of and never find, In a lifetime

Solo: F-C-F-C-F-Bb-G-F-Dm-C-F (I think I got all of the changes)

F                 Am           Dm                     Bb         C
It's hard to describe in just words how I feel when I home and beside you
       F        C              F                         Bb          C
But I make it known It's just time that I kill When I'm gone and without you
  Bb                  C                  F
I up all through the night If you will love me
     Bb            C
As long as I wake up each morning 
  F        C        Dm       Bb            C
I'll know I'm the only one around, For a lifetime

I'd never have taken in a sunset from the front porch swing
    Bb                     G
Or make any sense of the pleasure love brings
           F                        Am    F
I'd been alone for sure, Had it not been you

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Nice tabs, but add these changes.
1st verse 3rd line- F,F7,Bflat major, Bdim
1st verse 5th line- F, Dmin,Bflat major,F

3 verse- F,F/E,Dmin,Bflat Major, C

From there you can adjust the rest of the material. Hope that helps.
-quenneville3 | 3/3/2013
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