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Alison Krauss - Choctaw Hayride (Chord)
Album: Alison Krauss & Union Station - Live (2002)
Submitter: danielcraggs (3) on 2/15/04 3 comments
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I've looked for ages trying to find the chords for this song, but had no
luck, then while listening to the song, I started strumming and picked up
the chords. They really are this easy!

Apologies for the strange sequence names. They are what I call the parts of
the song. When you hear it, though, you'll understand them. They are in
order, anyway.

The guitar solo is a bit too complex for me to tab. Maybe someone will
get 'round to it ;)

Edited 16/03/2006. I don't think my head was screwed on before. It's right now.

In the live version of Choctaw Hayride, the song starts with Dan picking
the bass E string whilst the dobro plays the intro.

Intro chord sequence:

Em (tacit) | A | Em | A | D | Em (sharp stop)

Main 'verse' chord sequence:

Em | A | Em | A | C | G

'Chorus' chord sequence:

G | D | C | D | C | D | C | G

Banjo solo chords:

Em | A | Em | A | C | Em

Fiddle/guitar solo chords:

Em | A | Em | A | C | Em (same as Banjo solo)

Second 'chorus' chords:

G | D | Em | C
G | D | G | C
G | D | Em | C
G | D (Band stop)
G | D | C (Stop again)

*An alternative here would be to miss out the second G and carry the D
through, but they both sound fine.


(Banjo and dobro play alone, then)

G | C* | G | C** | G***

* Two bars, i.e. seven strums
** Three bars, i.e. eleven strums
*** Sharp stop, one strum


Comments and corrections gratefully accepted! 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks for your comment, Mark. I checked it out, and
it's definitely an A chord, not Am. I think that's
why the song sounds as good as it does, because
it mixes minor chords, with happier sounding majors.
As for your banjo tab, have you posted a request?
-danielcraggs | 7/26/2004
close my friend but no cigar. The song is in Em at the beginning not A. On the "second chorus" as you call it, it is G D Em C.
-bhawk1987 | 11/9/2004
Thanks for your comment bhawk. I don't know
why I put the intro as that, since there's a
D in it too. The first Em is tacit though,
since the guitar is busy picking the E
string in the live version, or staying silent
on the studio version. The chorus you describe
seems closer to it, but I'll take a look later
when I'm near my guitar. :-)
-danielcraggs | 11/10/2004
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