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American Flyer - The Woman In Your Heart (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (30) on 11/13/11
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 2,543
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The Woman In Your Heart
By American Flyer
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

D                     Em           C                 G
Don't I love you right and don't I take good care of you
D                       C   G               C               G          
I'm making it easy as I can and there ain't nothin' I won't do
Em                                                       G
Cause you're gettin' all of my good time and all of my lovin too
C              G
I can see your heart's a breaking 
        C                   G
And I'm finally starting to get that feeling
     C                    G
That I've been taking too long
     C                         G
Just tryin' to find out what's going wrong
When it's been there from the start
C                           G    
It's just the woman in your heart

And what you want to be, will come out easy if you try
It don't matter too much to me, just don't let it get past ya cause it will leave you sittin' high and dry 
And you're gonna get a blue, blue feelin' and you're bound to start a-wonderin' why
You don't ever get to sleep at night
And the feeling is never quite right for you
And you lay awake wondering in the morning light
What it is and what you're gonna do
But maybe it's not so hard to find
It's just some woman in your mind

           D      G           C                       G 
Cause it's all so clear and I guess it's the same old story
              Em             D         C                                        G
Cause it will take away your pride and glory and it'll make you sing a sad, sad song
           D                     G           C                     G
And you've got to take real good care not to let her get past your door
         A                         C 
Cause if you do she will take your heart away
           A                        D                      G D C                      G D C                  
And you'll have to give it all your loving just to get her now,  just to get her now

And that brown-eyed mountain girl sure does look pretty from the time I let landed
I think it's something in her smile and it could be something in the way she said hello
She keeps telling me it's so easy and I can see she's down so low
And I wouldn't want to take advantage 
Of a pretty hard girl to manage
And I know it's such a long, long
But I think maybe I'll find, she's just a woman in my mind
Yeah, just another woman in my mind
And shes been there all the time
Just a woman in my mind 
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