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BJ Thomas - Most Of All (Chord)
Album: B.J. Thomas - Greatest Hits (1991)
Submitter: papagrizz (10) on 12/24/09
Month Views: 35 | Total Views: 10,542
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B.J. Thomas

D 	 Em
Hello darliní, my, itís good to  	 hear you

 	 A7 	 A7sus 	 A7 	 D
Iím  	 at the railÖ  	 road station 	 in Saint  	 Paul

How are all the folks? Iíd love to s 	 ee Ďem

 	 Gm 	 A7 	 D
But,  	 girl, Iíd love to  	 see you most of  	 all

 	 D 	 Em
Well, I been  	 stariní at the rain and I been  	 thinkiní

A7 	 A7sus 	 A7 	 D
Ever since  	 that train left  	 Montre 	 al

How Iíve always loved this life Iím  	 liviní

 	 Gm 	 A7 	 D
But,  	 girl, Iíd love to  	 see you most of  	 all

 	 Bm 	 F#m 	 Em7 	 A7 	 D
Many  	 times before I  	 know I swore that  	 Iíd come  	 home to  	 stay

 	 Bm 	 F#m 	 Em7 	 A7
But it  	 always seemed that  	 foolish dreams and  	 trains got in the  	 way

 	 D 	 Em
To 	 morrow thereíll be snow in Minne 	 sota

 	 A7 	 A7sus 	 A7 	 D
But  	 I wonít be  	 aÖround  	 to watch it  	 fall

 	 D 	 Em
Iíll be  	 headed for that old familiar  	 station

Gm 	 A7 	 D
Hopiní you still  	 love me most of  	 all

 	 Em 	 Gm 	 A7 	 D
I miss you,  	 baby,  	  	 most of  	 all
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