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Bart Crow Band - Nothing's Wrong (Chord)
Submitter: jhamaker (0) on 9/15/08 1 comment
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"Nothing's Wrong"
-Bart Crow Band

tuned down 1/2 step

G  Cadd9  G   Cadd9

G                  Cadd9
I know that you're leavin'

G                 Cadd9
Feels like you're gone.

G           Cadd9
I tried to stay by your side 

      G              Cadd9
and I tried to be so strong.

G            Cadd9
I tried to stay and be 

      G                     Cadd9
everything that I could for you.

G             Cadd9
Daddy's sunshine rain, 

      G                 Cadd9
All I bring to you are cloudy days

and you're gone

                Cadd9   D
aww lord you're gone.


Cadd9          D                        G      G/F#         Em
You left on a late night train, headin' out of town in the pourin' rain,

Cadd9                D  
left me cryin' all alone.

Cadd9       D                   G           G/F#         Em
Didn't even say goodbye, just a note on my pillow that made me cry.

Cadd9                                   D
Say that you'll leave and it turned to gone 

                                      Em  D  Cadd9
Aww but you said I did nothin' wrong.

              Em  D  Cadd9            Em  D  Cadd9
Nothin' wrong. 

Verse II

I know that I was not the right guy ment for you.
But I stayed by your side and I tried to be so true.
If I did nothin' wrong, then I guess the blame's on you.
How many hearts will you break before your daddy finds
one good enough for you.  Good enough for you.


solo   (G   Cadd9.....4 times)

Cadd9            D                       G         G/F#       Em
One day you'll look and see, and when it all comes crashin' at the scene.

Cadd9                              D
Close your eyes and baby think of me.

Cadd9                D                 G       G/F#       Em
When you're drivin' all alone and the voice is singin' to you my song.

Cadd9                                  D                                   Em  D  Cadd9
The one where you said I did nothin' wrong, baby now look who is all alone.

                  Em  D  Cadd9
You're all alone.

                                 Em  D  Cadd9
Cause you said nothin' was wrong.

 Em  D  G
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I've tried this on capo 2 using the notes A,E,and B and it sounds pretty close to the studio version.
-ryan3006 | 12/1/2008
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