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Bart Crow Band - Tami (Chord)
Album: Desperate Hearts (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (111) on 11/27/10
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 5,969
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Recorded by Bart Crow Band

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (Em) (C) | (C) (G) | (Em) (C) | (C) (D) |
         | (Em) (C) | (C) (G) | (Em) (C) | (C) (D) | (D)

(Em) I got my first (C)papers today (G)
(Em) Maybe (C)seven, seven years to (D)late
(Em) 'Cause 18 (C)hours that watched us (G)fall
(Em) And one of us (C)can't sit here and say we gave our (D)all

'Cause I went in-(C)sane, I cracked the (G)walls, and let you (Em)down
And I (D)made you feel so (C)small, (G) but you really (D)got me now
You got your (C)pride, you're standin' (G)tall, your chin held (Em)high
You're not (D)missin' me at (C)all, (G) you got your (D)heart rollin' outta town
(C) And (D)it's all over (C)now

Inst.:  | (Em) (C) | (C) (G) | (Em) (C) | (C) (D) | (D)

(Em) This wasn't (C)really what you needed (G)
(Em) You saw (C)love, wrapped in miser-(D)y
(Em) And all this (C)angst up and down our (G)halls
(Em) Reverber-(C)ating reflections of where we lost it (D)all

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (Em) (C) | (C) (G) | (Em) (C) | (C) (D) | (D)

(Am) I never should have (D)drug you, through this (G)mess that (F#m)I am (Em)in
(Am) Just promise that you'll (D)never let this (B)happen again, (C)happen a-(D)gain

'Cause I went in-(C)sane, I cracked the walls, and let you (Em)down
Made you feel so (C)small, but you really (D)got me now

Repeat Chorus

Outro.:  And it's all over (Em)now (C) | (C) (G) | (Em) (D) | (C) (C) | (C) (C) --
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