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Bellamy Brothers - Old Hippie Sequel (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (426) on 7/25/04
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Old Hippie Sequel
By The Bellamy Brothers
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 2

         A                         D                             A
Heíll be forty-five come Wednesday and his grey hair is gettingí thin
         A                                                  E
But heís still hanginí in there, donít feel too bad for the shape heís in
          D                                 A
Heís seen yuppies in the White House but he thinks theyíre gonna fail
         D                                 A           E
Cause he just donít trust a President that never has inhaled
       A                                D                   A
And he prays to God to stop this crime, but it seems to no avail

Well, he still loves country music but heís been left out in the dark
Cause they donít play Merle and George no more, he donít know Billy Ray from Garth
And heís hear of Woodstock II but it never could compete
Cause he was there the day that Hendrix played the Anthem with his teeth
Back when all those grunge bands, couldnít even keep a beat

        D                A
He's an old hippie, even older than before
          E                            A             
Wonderiní what to pay attention to and what should he ignore
        D                   A
He's an old hippie, still adjusting to the change
          E                               D     D/C#  D/B  D/A   A 
Heís just tryin to find some balance in a world gone  totally  insane

He still thinks back on the Sixties but not in the same way
Cause they built a wall to his war then forgot the MIAís
And heís tryiní to be a 90ís man but itís too much of a bore
Cause fax machines and cell phones ainít what he was put here for
And in a world selling sex and youth heís the last old dinosaur


Well he comes on home from work now to take some time up with the kids
Tryiní to teach them right from wrong, hope they donít learn it the way he did
And his eyes are on the future but itís lookiní pretty sad
And with everyday that passes he becomes more like his Dad
He hopes that when this century turns around things wonít look so bad


Heís just tryin to find some balance in a world gone totally insane

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