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Big & Rich - Caught Up In The Moment (Chord)
Album: Comin' to Your City (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (113) on 11/24/05 1 comment
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Big & Rich
Album: Comin' To Your City
Submitted by: Christopher R.
12:27 AM 11/25/2005

Intro: (D)  (D)

She was (D5) sittin' at the bar in L.A.X.
(G5) Readin' Comsmo
"How To Have Good Sex"
When she (D5) saw him walkin' through
The security check (G5)
She (D5) gave him a wink
Said, "come over here
Hey (G5) hey, good lookin'
Can I buy you a beer
It's like (D5) Nelly said
It's gettin' hot in here"
(G5) I wanna take my clothes off
She said, "I'm (D5) headin' out to Vegas on a 747
In (G5) 35 minutes, down to Gate 11
If you (D5) want to get lucky, I'll take you to (G5) heaven
He said, "I got a (D5) million dollar meeting
Up in New York City
If (G5) I ain't there, it'll be a cryin' pity
But, (D5) somethin' 'bout you's too damned pr(G5)etty

 	 They got, (D) caught up (C) in the (G) moment
 	 Couldn't help themselves
 	 (D) Caught up (C) in the (G) moment
 	 It was wild as hell
 	 (D) They was (C) everything they (G) wanted
 	 Right then and there
 	 They got (D) caught up (C) in the (G) moment
 	 Caught up, caught up

At (D5) twenty thousand feet
On a Southwest flight
She (G5) whispered to him
"We ain't got all night"
So (D5) he reached up
And turned off the overhead (G5) light
And by the (D5) time they landed
Sure enough
It was (G5) more than lust, but less than love
They were (D5) full fleged members 
Of the (G5) 'You-Know-What-Club'


He was (NC) ten grand up
At a blackjack table
She was (G5) dressed to the nines
Drinkin' fine Black Label
He said, (D5) "I think I'm gonna cash out and (G5) buy you a diamond ring"
So they (D5) headed down the strip
To the wedding chapel
In a (G5) stretch limousine, that was candy apple
Got (D5) married by a precher man
That looked (NC) just like the king


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
if ne one could try the intro to this song....
-cubbie21588 | 12/1/2005
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