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Billy Dean - Innocent Bystander (Chord)
Album: Real Man (1998)
Submitter: falgorn (4) on 6/15/09
Month Views: 580 | Total Views: 6,331
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Artist: Billy Dean
Song: Innocent Bystander
Album: Real Man

Intro: D-A-Bm-G x2

Verse 1:
(G)I was minding (A)my own business
When you (G)came in dressed to (A)kill
I (G)knew right then that (A)I was in trouble
But (G)not of my own free (A)will

Pre-Chorus 1:
Now I (G)have to say in (A)my defense
I (G)ainít done nothing (A)wrong
Your (G)circumstantial (A)evidence
Is (G)all you got me (A)on

(D)I was just an (A)innocent by(Bm)stander 
(G)Caught up in love
(D)And since (A)when was that a (Bm)crime(G)
(D)Saying that Iím (A)wanting you is (Bm)slander
When youíre (G)all Iím thinking (D)of
Iíll (A)gladly do my (Bm)time(G)

Verse 2:
Thereís no jury in their right mind
Who would convict someone like me
Cause the way you walk and the way you talk
I could plead insanity 

Pre-Chorus 2:
But Iím prepared to tell the whole truth now
I donít need no alibi
You just put me on that witness stand
And I will testify 


Solo: G-A x4


(D)I was just an (A)innocent by(Bm)stander, yeah
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