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Billy Dean - Throw That Hammer Down (Chord)
Album: Billy Dean (1992)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 9/5/01
Month Views: 327 | Total Views: 2,643
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G                                                   C                 G 
I was framin houses in Houston one August afternoon 
When the formans wife pulled up in her Lincoln and     
       D                                            G 
She said I've been lookin for you the ol man went home early 
             C                                      G 
Do you want to take a ride to town I said I guess it couldn't do no harm 
    D                           G 
I threw my hammer down  
G                                                           C                  
We were shootin staight tequila when the forman came stormin in  
G                                                       D 
He said Honey now didn't I warn ya what I'd do if I caught you again  
                 G                                       C 
Well she pulled out her little pistol she fired and he hit the ground 
 She grabed my arm we jumped into that lincoln and 
    D                         G 
 I put that hammer down (Chorus) 
C                     G                                               F 
Hammer Down Hammer down don't look back it's to late now 
        C                                     Bb 
Ain't nothin you can do about it anyhow  
       C                               Bb       D          G                   
just put that hammer just put that hammer down 
G                                            C                    G 
I heard the sierins moanin just east of New Orleans 
She cryed out to the trooper thank God you rescued me 
When they draged me into that courtroom 
    C                                     G 
I knew were I was bound that ol judge threw the book at me  
then he threw his hammer down( Chorus) 
           G                                            C                 G 
On a chaingang down in Houston one August afternoon 
I see that same ol Lincoln and at the wheel theres a brand new fool  
              G                                               C 
then the warden taps my shoulder he says son quite your foolin around  
    G                        D                            G 
In 99 years you can lay that hammer down (Chorus) 
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