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Billy Ray Cyrus - Could've Been Me (complete) (Chord)
Album: Some Gave It All (1992)
Submitter: twizzle05 (116) on 5/29/05 3 comments
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Could've Been Me
written by Reed Nielsen and Monty Powell
tabbed 5/29/05
Credit goes to matellmon for his tab.  I just completed it, made a couple chord 
changes that sounded better to me (and made it easier).

INTRO: G-Cadd9   G-G-G-Cadd9/  C (pick to)  Cadd9   G

G                    Cadd9            G              Cadd9
I hear you just got married, took a month long honeymoon
    G            G/F#           Em           D                         C
And you were all smiles at the wedding, you cried when you kissed the groom
G            Cadd9                G                        Cadd9
I got no invitation I guess the mailman didn't bring it to me
       G            G/F#           Em          D                  C
But I see the whole thing in slow motion every night as I try to sleep
           G                        Cadd9            G                    Cadd9
My buddy John said you looked real pretty and you acted like you were in love
            G        G/F#       Em                D                     C
He said the preacher asked for objections and he thought about standin' up
         G                    Cadd9                  G                  Cadd9
I told John he must have been crazy 'cause you were just about to say I do
             G         G/F#          Em                       D                     C
And he just gave me a wink and said all he could think was it could've been me with you

                 C/  D               C
It could've been me   standin' there with you
                 C/  D          Bm
It could've been me   and my dreams comin' true
          Em        D  Am G  D C
But those dreams move on if you wait too long
    Cadd9            D                   G 
It took me 'til now to see, it could've been me

G  Cadd9   G  Cadd9

G                    Cadd9                 G                    Cadd9
I don't guess I ever told you that I went out and bought you a ring
        G           G/F#       Em       D                        C
I even carried it around in my pocket waitin' to say the right thing
G                    Cadd9              G                   Cadd9
I pulled it out the other day but the diamond had lost its shine
        G            G/F#           Em                   D                         C
Well I know how it feels 'cause my eyes grow dim when I think you could have been mine


   Bm      A             D               C
I know I called just in time to be too late
         Em           D    Am  G    D    C
You know dreams move on if you wait too long
It took me 'til now to see...that



                 G                  Cadd9
It could've been me (it could've been me)
                 G                   Cadd9          G
It could've been me  (it could've been me)
                 Cadd9       Em   D  Am  G  D  C (let ring)
It could've been me 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
YEEEAAHHH i think i might b able 2 play this 1!!! any tips for a beginner? i SUCK and it wouldb awesome if i could play this!!
-courts_boo79 | 11/29/2005
The key is to get the rhythm right. Listen and play along...this one's tricky, if I remember correctly. But if I can do it, anyone can!
-twizzle05 | 11/29/2005
c'mon, the intro starts in am, d, g, ?uh g/b or something, c, c/am? yu pik it here climbing from this chord to c then d...then verse

If anybody else can help im not good with chords, and i also dont know how to read music.
-jorsguitar | 9/14/2011
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