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Birds Of Chicago - American Flowers (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (40) on 11/8/19
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 1,282
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American Flowers
By Birds Of Chicago
Written by ???
CD: ???
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Requested by: snowowl16 on 11/5/2019

Capo 4

       C                                     C7
I have seen American flowers all across this land
         F                                      C 
From the banks of the Shenandoah, along the Rio Grande
       C                                        Am
Do not fear the winter blowing in the hearts of men
       C             Am       F         G      C  
I have seen American flowers, they will bloom again

       C                                         C7  
On the Southside of Chicago, a man who’s not yet grown
F                                           C 
Went out for a ride but the car was not his own
       C                                     Am 
He did not see the stop sign or the boy on a skateboard
F              G             C  
Now he’s lying broken on the ground
C                                         C7
Nobody around he coulda, he coulda drove away
       F                                                  C
But he pulled on over to the curb and he ran out where he lay
         C                                                    Am
Used his hoodie for a pillow said “little man you’re gonna be ok”
       F              G            C 
And he waited for the ambulance to come


Tender was the night down in the Tenderloin
In an alley off O’Farrell Street, in the neon glow
Well she finally caught that dragon a mile from Chinatown
She took her wings and eased her body down
She gave a little shudder, but no pain, she felt no pain
And she knew that she was back on home in Morgantown again
She could smell the lady slippers and the wild thimble weeds
“Mama I was just mad, I never meant to leave”


Layin’ roof in Texas is the job for someone younger
And so is catching fastballs from your Grandson in the summer
But there you are saying “Come on kid, lemme feel that hummer”
With your back and hips and knees on fire
And he says “Come on Grandpa, when you gonna let me throw a curve?”
And you’re looking back at him in the sun and you feel your heart is bursting
Let me keep him from himself and those that mean to hurt him
If that be your will, oh Lord


Right there off the interstate in Northwest Ohio
In the amber waves of grain and the assemblies of crows
There rose the two twin spires beside a golden dome
The Islamic Mosque of Greater Toledo
I was flying down the highway when it caught my eye
I was sipping red cream soda, I was listening to Johnny Prine
And I saw that golden dome against a pink and purple sky
I was singing “don’t let your baby down”

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