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Blackhawk - Down In Flames (Chord)
Album: BlackHawk (1993)
Submitter: WildCard76 (115) on 6/2/04 1 comment
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Album: Blackhawk
Submitted by: Christopher R.
June 2, 2004

(E) No one dreams in (B) this ol' town, no (A) more 
They (E) don't look down that (B) windin' road 
(A) Wonderin' where it (B) goes 
But when (A) I hold you, (B) I can see 
(C#m) All the places it could lead 
(A) They say we're crazy, I don't care 
(B) We could make it anywhere 
 	 Let's (E) ride the wind 
 	 Down (B) this old road to(A)night 
 	 Let's (E) pack our dreams 
 	 And (B) leave the rest be(A)hind 
 	 They say (E) love this hot 
 	 Can (B) be a dangerous (C#m) thing 
 	 (A) Come on (E) darlin'... 
 	 (B) Let's go down in fl(E)ames 

(E) I don't know or (B) care where this road (A) leads 
(E) Just as long as (B) at the end 
(A) It's you and (B) me 
We can (A) feel our hearts, beggin' (B) us to go 
If we (C#m) don't leave now, we'll never know 
(A) And if our love should crash and burn 
We'll (B) take that chance, for all it's worth 

Repeat Chrous 

So (A) take my hand, you (B) know we're right 
(A) Don't look back, just hold on (B) tight 

Repeat Chorus 

 	 (A) Come on (E) darlin'... 
 	 (B) Let's go down in fl(E)ames 
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Great tab one of their best songs
-RHayward | 7/23/2008
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