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Blaine Larsen - How Do You Get That Lonely (Chord)
Album: Off To Join The World (2005)
Submitter: Shantel (10) on 11/26/04 17 comments
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How Do You Get That Lonely - Blaine Larsen

**Capo 3**

Intro: Bm  G  Bm  G

        D                         Bm
It was just another story printed on the second page 
G                                D9
Underneath the Tiger's football score 
        D                        Bm
It said he was only eighteen, a boy about my age 
G                                        A
They found him face down on his bedroom floor 
             Bm                       Bm/A
There'll be services on Friday at the Lawrence Funeral Home 
     G                                   Asus               A 
Then out on Mooresville highway, they'll lay him 'neath a stone

D          A/C#      Bm    G  D         A/C#      Bm  G
How do you get that lonely,  how do you hurt that bad 
Em                          D
To make you make the call, that havin' no life at all 
C                  G/B            Asus A
Is better than the life that you had 
D          A/C#    Bm    A  G             D/F#       Em
How do you feel so empty,     you want to let it all go 
D          A/C#      Bm    A  G      A      Bm   G
How do you get that lonely...   and nobody knows

         D                                   Bm
Did his girlfriend break up with him, did he buy or steal that gun
        G                 A            D9
Did he lose a fight with drugs or alcohol
        D                       Bm
Did his Mom and Daddy forget to say I love you son
    G                              Asus A
Did no one see the writing on the wall 
         Bm                     Bm/A
I'm not blamin' anybody, we all do the best we can 
        G                        Asus              A
I know hindsight's 20/20, but I still don't understand


        D                         Bm
It was just another story printed on the second page 
G                                    Bm
Underneath the Tiger's football score 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sounds great. i've only heard this song once and couldn't find it anywhere until i stumbled upon your tab. thanks for putting it on here.
-nobody1123 | 11/28/2004
THANK YOU!!!! been waiting for this one for a while! love this song!!
-denalitwinkie2s | 11/28/2004
Hey thanks for sending this one, I dont know if yall got my request. This is a personal song for me. I've lived it. Thanks
-wuskey | 11/29/2004
thanks for posting tab man...very good!!!...i love this brought tears to my eyes when i first heard it...and now being able to play it means everything to me...thanks to you...thank you
-hottboy2207 | 12/16/2004
I heard this song today on the radio and it hit me hard. Just last Monday a 20 year old kid from my community took his own life and they found him on his bedroom floor. how could someone get that lonely? good job shantel.
-nocer | 12/19/2004
Powerful song... and as usual, I found it on Country Tabs... great job!!
-jeepinchad | 1/13/2005
I actually saw him play last week at the Hard Rock in Nashville and he played this without a capo. i wasnt sitting close enough to see the chords he used but transposing this version to no capo just doesnt sound right to me....capo 3 does sound the best but i just thought it was weird that he played without one........and if anybody hasnt bought this cd yet you need to its awesome!
-denalitwinkie2s | 2/2/2005
This song really got to me after my girlfriend's cousin conmitted suicide.
She was loved by many people including myself. Im really glad someone got this song on here. Thanx ya'll.
-mikemc.D | 2/4/2005
thanx Shantel. You always seem to come up with the songs I really like.:)
-jaredjunek | 2/25/2005
i just saw blaine play this in person AWESOME and he did use a capo on 3 but i didnt see that many chord changes
-biggie38401 | 2/28/2005
Thanks for the tab! Great song and great message. I downloaded a version of this song but I have to put my capo on II, but it matches the recording. I wonder why??
-gendollar | 3/15/2005
Hey, I agree with all of you. I have heard it before, but today when it was on the radio I really tried listening to the words and thats when it hit me with what it was about. This is a very, very powerful song and I bet that there are thousands more who believe the same as we do. Great job on the tab. thanks. :Airwolf

-airwolf | 4/10/2005
Thanx. This is a great song that hit home. Thanx for tabbing it, i've been waiting a while for it.
-The Rock2003 | 4/14/2005
hey i love this song and i want to hear it how do i do that
-one1time98 | 5/23/2005
The Song is about Joseph Creager a kid from banks county Georgia who shot himself last year he was 18.
-Daniel | 5/24/2005
This song has always meant a lot to me. I myself almost took my life about 2 years ago, and looking back, I can not see how I got that lonely or upset, when there's so many great people in the world. Thanks so much for sending this song in!
-Mel08 | 6/9/2005
hey i know what it is like to be that lonly but God was my way out. i feel for those people. i think this song brings good awareness
-fretboardfreak | 9/18/2005
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