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Blaine Larsen - The Best Man (Chord)
Album: Off To Join The World (2005)
Submitter: gegnja (0) on 5/8/05
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Song: The Best Man
Artist:Blaine Larsen
Album:Off To Join The World
Writers:Blaine Larsen, Tim Johnson, Rory Lee Feek
Copyright:2004 Back In The Saddle Songs(ASCAP)
Tabbed By:gegnja
b>Capo 2nd fret/b>

    C              F       G


C                      F                
My mama got married to someone I barely knew
G                         F             G
They had me and then they had my sister too
C                       F
I was too young to understand why he left
    Am                              G
But how it broke Mama's heart, I'll never forget

F                             G            D
It was three years before she met somebody new
F                   C               F        G 
And though I didn't have much to compare him to

           C            F         C
He was the best man, my mama ever loved
F                 C                   F                    G   
Not the kind that walks away, but the kind that don't give up
  Am        Em        F              C
Devoted and true, someone to look up to
F             C                G 
Even a boy of eight could understand
He was the best man

C                        F
He called me his son and I called him my dad
G                         C          F  
He was the like no friend I had ever had
C                                           F
He taught me how to drive a nail and how to build a go-cart
Am                           G
And how to love a women with all of my heart

F                        G               D
One night we watched him get down on one knee
F               C                 F        G
And ask mama to be his wife, then he asked me

          C               F            C
To be the best man, and I stood by his side
      F          C            F         G
As he lifted the veil of that beautiful bride
Am        Em  F            C
He said I do, then she did too
        F                    C             G
And she walked back down the aisle holding hands
         Solo Chords
With the best man

**The Chords for the solo are: A,F,G(x2)**

Am        Em      F            C
He said I do, and then she did too
        F                    C             G
And she walked back down the aisle holding hands
With the best man

End On C
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