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Blake Shelton - The Baby (Chord)
Album: The Dreamer (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (77) on 11/14/02 14 comments
Month Views: 61 | Total Views: 34,048
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Blake Shelton - The Baby
Album: The Dreamer
Writers: Harley Allen/Michael White

**CAPO 2** (or see below for no capo chords)

Verse 1:
D   D/F#    G            A                 D
My brother said that I, was rotten to the core
D D/F#     G           G  D/F# Em7               A
I was the youngest child,      so I got by with more
D       D/F#     G         A            D
I guess she was tired by, the time I came along
D     D/F#     G          G  D/F# Em7              A
She'd laugh until she cried,       I could do no wrong
Em7                        A                 D
She would always save me, because I was her baby

Chorus 1:
           Bm                  G
I worked a factory in Ohio, a shrimp boat in the Bayou
D                          A
I drove a truck in Birmingham
       Bm                  G
Turned 21 in Cincinnati, I called home to mom and daddy
D                          A
I said "Your boy is now a man."
            Em7                       A                   D
She said "I don't care if you're 80, you'll always be my baby."

Verse 2:
She loved that photograph, of our whole family
She'd always point us out, for all her friends to see
That's Greg he's doing great, he really loves his job
And Ronnie with his 2 kids, how 'bout that wife he's got
And that one's kinda crazy, but that one is my baby

Chorus 2:
I got a call in Alabama, said come on home to Louisiana 
And come as fast as you can fly
Cause your momma really needs you, and says she's got to see you
She might not make it through the night
The whole way I drove 80, so she could see her baby

Chorus 3:
She looked like she was sleepin', and my family had been weepin' 
By the time that I got to her side
And I knew that she'd been taken, and my heart it was breakin'
I never got to say goodbye
I softly kissed that lady, and cried just like a baby

*Note* the G  D/F# Em7  progression in the verse is a little walkdown,
one strum on each chord to the Em7

If you want to play without a capo replace the chords listed with these:
A ----> B    x24442
Bm ---> C#m  x46654
D ----> E    022100
D/F#--> E/G# 422100
Em7---> F#m7 242222
G ----> A    x02220

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Anyone got a secret to playing this without crying during the last
verse? It kind of screws up my singing.
-bbarker | 5/4/2003
really, i cant play this without getting chills or crying
-petunia | 5/20/2003
I can't do it. But then again, I'm not trying to.
-reeldeal4 | 5/23/2003
Kinda put your heart in your throat don't it?
-WayneXG95 | 7/10/2003
I have no problems doing tear jerkers, I guess I am just heartless...LoL
Try not to think about the words of the song, and just sing it, thats the best way I guess
-Cspirits | 11/2/2003
i cry everytime lol my dad said he doesn't think he could play because his mom died in september and he was her baby!!
-skittles26 | 2/4/2004
My cousin died in a 4-wheeler accident on his
17 and they played it at his funeral because
it was his favorite song. I usually don't
have trouble with tear jerkers but man; It sure is hard

-bwbucs23 | 7/9/2004
could someone tab out this song please
-BrettBueltel | 8/3/2004
yes a tab would be sweet
-nicktray48 | 9/1/2004
lol think about something happy during the
last verse or somethin always helps me lol

-AcousticCowboy1 | 12/8/2004
Man, don't even try to sing it without the emotion coming through. The emotion will show up in your voice and carry over to everyone in the audience and make you seem the better performer as well.
-jclpn | 1/11/2005

-cruzan_rum | 2/19/2005

does anyone know the ending? its same as the intro ,but i want it picked.
i sang this song at a karoake bar, everyone loved it, good song to add in ur songbook, it makes me cry all the time

-cruzan_rum | 2/19/2005
I am actually from Cincinnati, OH so for whatever reason this song hits me from that point on.

I found that to get past emotional songs, is just to learn them and play them over....and over....and over....and over....and over....and...well you get the picture. By the time you learn it and play it well you are happy that you can play it and it doesn't seem to get you that bad. It was like that for me with Darius Ruckers' It Won't Be Like This, as well as Brad Paisley's Waitin on a Woman for me anyway.

I am going to learn this though come hell or high water and play it so everyone else cries and not me. Come to think of it every time I sing people cry, but that's for a whole different reason....PLEASE STOP!!!
-jhempel24 | 9/20/2008
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