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Bleu Edmondson - Further Down The Line (Chord)
Album: Southland (2001)
Submitter: bj1856 (0) on 12/18/02 2 comments
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Song: Further Down the Line
Artist: Bleu Edmondson
Album: Southland

Capo:3rd fret

Intro:  G,   C9-G,  Em, D  repeat a few times

G 	   C9 	  	  	  	 G      C9
Baby you know its been a long time coming
G 	   C9 	  	  	  	 D
The fights were hard the nights got long
G 	   C9 	  	  	 G      C9
I got so sick and scared of running
G 	      D 	  	  	       C9
From all the things you said were wrong

G 	   C9 	  	  	  	 G      C9
So you packed up and you took off westbound
G 	   C9 	  	      D 
Said Seattle called you by name
G 	   C9 	  	  	 G      C9
Now its cold and wet in your new town
G 	  	  	 D 	  	  	 C9          D
But once you cross the red it's a bright fine day.

C 	  	 D 	  	 G-WALKDOWN-
'Caus it's not raining in Chorpus
Em 	  	  	 C 	  	  	 D
Don't you know those dark clouds they can't find me
C 	            D 	  	    G   	        D                  C
So I'll take my bottle and lime, move a little further on down the line
                D                             then intro
And think about how good life can be

No need to type up the rest of the lyrics.  Bleu himself has also concurred this 
tab to be correct.  Here you go. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
you wouldn't happen to know the bridge would you? think I might have it,
but not sure

-txfight2k | 12/30/2002
Here are the rest of the words in case someone needs them.

its funny how the water can open your eyes
and they can see your life in a whole new light
and i can no more see those frames in the western skys
and the southern wind makes me feel alright


hope the salvation you been chasing
lives up in some pacific bay
and whan you think about what your missing
you can picture me sailing away


-padgecomm | 9/11/2003
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