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Bleu Edmondson - Let Me Fall (Chord)
Album: The Band Plays On (2002)
Submitter: lmofle (90) on 10/28/03
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 7,522
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Let Me Fall
By Bleu Edmondson

Capo 2 

D                   A
Stumble in from the gray light
G                  D
Another morning bedtime
D                     A
But I donít feel like sleepiní
G                     Bm
I canít shake it this time
D                     A
Itís been three years runniní
G                     D
And I still watch her sleep
D                   A
From the floor of a dark room
G                     Bm
An empty bottle at my feet
Em                     G
But I'm supposed to be happy
D                 A
Thatís what I was told
Em                      G 
Tell me how do you hang on
With nothiní to hold

G                D
You donít need a reason
G                    D
Canít say nothiní at all
G                       Bm      Bm/A
And if the night cannot hold me
Let me fall

I saw my life in a movie
Some late night show
And as I drifted off to sleep
I had nowhere to go
It used to be easy
Cause the night was my friend
But I donít know where I'm goiní
And I'm scared of where Iíve been
But I'm supposed to be happy
Thatís what I was told
But tell me how do you hold on
With nothiní to hold


Thereís light on the world now
And salt in the air
I scream out the window
To a world that donít care

Chorus x2

Open Chords;

Capo 2    No Capo
  D          E
  G          A
  A          B
  Bm         C#m
  Em         F#m
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