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Bleu Edmondson - Travelin' Man (Chord)
Album: Southland (2001)
Submitter: bj1856 (0) on 12/18/02 2 comments
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Song: Travelin' Man
Artist: Bleu Edmondson
Album: Southland

tabbed by bj1856

Capo: 2nd Fret

Intro:  F#m, D, E  (repeat this twice, then pick up the pace)

F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
I've got the western stars to guide me
F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
Dixie sweet and low all night long
F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
I can hear those fiddles high above me
F#m 	    D 	  	    E
A woman smiles as I sing my song

F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
I've stood in line I've earned my keep
F#m 	  	 D 	  	  	 E
But I can not (something something)for my destiny
F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
A neon sign calls me to sleep
F#m 	  	    D 	  	    E
But I'm wide awake so I roll on

A           E   F#m          D
Travelin' man, ride as far as I can stand
A          E               F#m
My moma cries for the life I choose
A           E     F#m          D
I need a beer but it's too damn far away from here
A             E                  D        DDDDDDD   then intro
And I have no time to sing the blues.

This is it.  No need to type up the rest of the song.
Bleu himself has concurred that this tab is correct, so here you go. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Yea the second line of the second verse is all wrong, its:
"and I know she'll cry when im gone"

And there is one more verse:
"F#m D E
And i know i drink more than i should
F#m D E
but i cant slow down for my destiny
F#m D E
lord knows i'd stop if i could
F#m D E
but the saints of old lift their glass to me"

-padgecomm | 6/12/2003
the chords are g# , e , f#
-Randy Polansky | 7/17/2005
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