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Blue County - Time Well Spent (Chord)
Album: Blue County (2004)
Submitter: falgorn (0) on 11/11/04 5 comments
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Artist: Blue County
Song: Time Well spent
Album: Blue County
Play time: 3:52

Throughout the song you will see the letter "R". this means, play the intro riff that I
have tabbed

Intro Riff:


If you are haveing any trouble at this point with the riff, the chords you are playing
are D-Dsus2-D-Dsus-D


Verse 1

(D)That '73 Monte Carlo had a (G)carload

Of Schlits and (R)Innocence

(D)Half a pack of daddy's cigarettes (G)and a cassette

Of Jimmy (R)Hendrix

We'd (A)park beside the railroad tracks kick (G)back and

Wonder what life would be like if we were (R)president

And let a(A)nother day fade away

(G)Wastin' time (NC)well spent


(D)A million miles of dirt road dust

(A)Learnin' love and lovin' lust

(G)Tastin' life as it came to us

on a (D)dead end road that (A)had no end

(Bm)Wishin' we could make time fly

(A)Not knowin' it was flyin' by

(G)While we were makin' plans that didn't make (A)sence

Wastin' (G)time, wastin' time, wastin' time well (Rx2)spent

Verse 2

She matched my tuxedo to a "T" in those

Pictures on my floor

As I looked at me I could finally se what she saw

When she said she couldn't see me anymore

I'll never forget the night we parked that

Prom night ride on the side of the road we'd never been

And let another day fade away

Wastin' time well spent




Ooh, (Bm)bitter sweet what-might've-been

(A)Comes to mind now and then

(G)Makes me wanna go back again

Wastin' time, wastin' time, wastin' (NC)time


Time (Bm)well spent(A)-(G)

R=Intro Riff (Shown at the top of the page)
NC=No Chord

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
That happend to all of us Ron!
There was this time..hang on what were we talking about?
Oh yeah ..I saw a boat it went that way..
I think..or was that?...
-WayneXG95 | 2/24/2005
hey man did you skip spelling class. you
might wanna look over some of the spellings.
but other than that, great tab.
-gittin-r-done | 11/11/2004

-falgorn | 11/11/2004
what the hell is an "R" chord?
-whitmore11 | 11/15/2004
I explain it at the top of the page. It's the "Riff" comprised of "D", "Dsus2" and "Dsus"
-falgorn | 11/15/2004
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