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Brad Paisley - Country Nation (Chord)
Album: Moonshine In The Trunck (2014)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (391) on 10/3/15
Month Views: 24 | Total Views: 16,516
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Country Nation
Written by Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois & Kelley Lovelace
Recorded by Brad Paisley

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(D) --- |(D/F#) --- |(G) - (D) - |(A) --- |(D) |(D/F#) |(G)(D)|(A) |

(D) We work in the factories and the (D/F#)fields
As-(G)sembly lines, the (D)coal mines, and the (A)steel mills
That's (D)what we do but there's more to us than that (D/F#)
If you (G)wanna know who we (D)are, it's on the (A)logos of our (D)caps

(Chorus 1)
We're Mountain-(D)eers, we're Volun-(D/F#)teers
We're the Tide that (G)rolls, we're Seminoles, (D) we're a (D/B)herd of Longhorn (A)steer
We drive (D)Ford and Chevrolet, cheer 24 and (D/F#) 88
(G)We crank up our (D)music Friday (A)nights
On two (G)thousand --- country stations
Yeah, we're (A)one --- big country nation, that's right

Solo:  |(D) |(D/F#) |(G)(D)|(A)

We might (D)fix your water pump or your A-(D/F#)C
(G)Bring your apple (D)pie and fill your (A)glass of tea
We'll (D)take that FedEx package to your (D/F#)door
But (G)underneath that (D)apron or that (A) u-(G)niform (D)

(Chorus 2)
We're Wild-(D)cats, we're Wolver-(D/F#)ins
We're (G)Tigers, Buckeyes, (D)Bruins, Bulldogs, (D/B)Hogs and Hurri-(A)canes
We (D)pray before we race, cheer Four-(D/F#)teen and Fourty-eight
And (G)we drink ice-cold (D)beer on Friday (A) nights
Yeah, we're (G)one big country (A)nation, that's right (D)

We're (D)all across the (Bm)map, down city (A)streets and (G)old dirt roads
We're the (Bm)fabric of this (A)nation, and we're a nation all our own

Solo:  |(D) |(D/F#) |(G)(D)|(A) | x 2

(Chorus 3)
We're Mountain-(D)eers, we're Volun-(D/F#)teers
Blue (G)Devils, Heels and (D)Rebels, fighting (A)Irish and Caval-(A)iers
We soup (D) up our Chevrolets, cheer 24 (D/F#) and 88
(G)We crank up the (D)same songs Friday (A) night
On two (G)thousand --- country stations
Yeah, we're (A)one --- big country nation, that's right

Outro.:  |(D) |(D/F#) |(G)(D)|(A) | x repeat to fade 
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