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Brad Paisley - Little Moments (Solo)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: axehappy (57) on 7/25/03 67 comments
Month Views: 25 | Total Views: 33,696
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Brad Paisley  -  Little Moments (solo)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

I love this song... :o)


h   =   hammer-on                           br   =   bend & release

/   =   slide up                            bh   =   bend & hold

r   =   release bend                        p    =   pulloff

b   =   bend





 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Took me a long time to be able to play this anywhere close to
you but WOW what a tab!!!! Totally amazing as usual how you pick
out these notes where there's about 10 per millisecond.
Awesome soundbyte too, would never have been able to learn it
without the "slow" version. :o) You rock!!!
-Shantel | 9/14/2003
how do I download the sound byte
-Randy Polansky | 10/31/2003
Up at the top under the song name and that
junk. If your using Windows Media player 9
you can click the little download thingy
(the second one over) then just go file,
save media as in the player.
-eric wilson | 11/23/2003
Awsome job on this one axe. I love this song
and being able to play the solo now adds a
lot to it. Amazing job!
-eric wilson | 11/23/2003
GREAT song GREAT solo tab!
-cmtboy | 12/9/2003
thank you axe

-livintolurn | 1/5/2004
is there a way to get the sound bit without
being a paying member, I don't see an option
anywhere to download, I was curious is this
because of the free membership. If so could
someone please send me the clip. Or post
a link to finding it. Thanx alo,
-longdongfui | 1/22/2004
wow...nice nice tab
-icefreak212 | 1/28/2004
what do you tune your guitar to. im a beginer but i can play okay so
i decided to try this one out
-druallen84 | 2/4/2004
Awesome tab Axe !! Once again we have another great tab with an idiot
leaving stupid comments.
-matellmon | 2/9/2004
Thank ya.
-AflakDuc | 2/12/2004
where is the sound byte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-swollenlips | 2/14/2004
Marry me Axe..No wait I already asked Shantel! sorry mate..*grin*
-WayneXG95 | 2/18/2004
Great Tab for this great song
-guitar22_2003 | 2/19/2004
this tab is so wack...its way to long, just keep its scale the way
its suppose to be.
-steve60659 | 2/21/2004
I don't believe I made it too difficult..
If you're not a good enough player to follow
a complicated tab, then don't look at mine.
Its actually pretty easy to play, I played
it in my soundbyte, and you'll find it
sounds just like what Brad plays.
Its cool for blues players to just play on
a pentatonic scale in one position all night
but you'll find that country guitar tends to
move around the neck a lot.. there's a lot
of bends and arpeggios in country that
require the whole neck.. that's why its one
of the most difficult styles to master..
Like I said, if its too difficult for you,
stick with the blues.. ;-)
-axehappy | 2/22/2004
Maybe its your guitar that's out of tune...
-axehappy | 2/23/2004
Great tabbin axe, great job as usual, my only problems is my fingers
wont go fast enough.
-southrnthunder1 | 2/23/2004
Wow Keyboard cowboy you must be about 14 years old, either that or a
drunken wreck and an old dirty man. Thanks for your cooperation. Who

-ragtop | 2/26/2004
That was a nice rant.. lol.. for your
information, I can play Hendrix, and my main
style of playing before I got into country
was instrumental rock like Steve Vai, Joe
Satriani etc.. believe me son, I could teach
you a thing or two!
Anyways.. thanks for making me laugh! :-)
-axehappy | 2/27/2004
Hehe "sweeping the neck for years" He's 16. What a moron. Anyway...guess what.
....he's banned.
-Korry | 2/27/2004
LMAO....Great tab once again Axe....just wish I could play it:(
I'll get eventually....thanks again!!
-browntrout | 2/27/2004
lol...the ignorance is astounding.

Nice tab, Axe. It sounds just right to
-Smoothie7745 | 2/27/2004
why's a keyboard cowboy commenting on guitar tabs anyway?
-AaronCain | 2/27/2004
Great tab axe,but even better comments. I have'nt laughed that hard in a long time
-Apalma | 2/27/2004
Great job, axe! Maybe one of these days these idiots can blame themselves cause they
can't play instead of blaming the tabbers.
-heyitskane | 2/27/2004
-WayneXG95 | 2/27/2004
LOL thanks for sharing Axe lol
-6string | 2/27/2004
damn...good job axe! quite phenomenal that you were able to pick that up. good work.
-neonrt | 2/27/2004
I love this song. My guitar teacher is going to teach it to me. Can't wait to play it like Brad.
-td | 2/28/2004
Wow!!! Sounds like keyboard cowboy needs
to stick to the keyboard, the tab is good.
I would love to cut heads with that punk.
I donít know any good country picker that
cant tear up the blues as well.I hate to
say this because I don't like to down any
musician,but I know some good blues players
that cant play country at all.I heard a lot
of blues players try,but it still sounds like blues.
-lightningboy | 3/1/2004
Keyboard cowboy needs to watch his mouth. i bet you he doesn't even know his scales. you know that there are kids reading these comments. but i got to hand it to him , it has to be a record on how many times some as said the f word on the internet. i reall y want keyboard cowboy to comment again , he is just like the guy that sang she bangs , she moves, know he is a celebrity. i dare him to comment, he probably is to chicken to respond. lets hear it keyboard cowboy!

-td | 3/3/2004
Don't call people out please.. the kid who
made the comments was obviously an idiot,
and has been banned. Lets leave things like
that alone now guys :-)
-axehappy | 3/3/2004
i've been playn for 13 years now and i have to say you do a damn good job my friend. keep goin with it.
-mrlax13 | 3/4/2004
stick to tha keyboard cowboy

lol, good tab axe
-parmorrow | 3/7/2004
your badass man. I know your on TELE but what do you plug it into. I love that twangy brad paisley sound you have there. I kinda have the wrong set up going on. I'm on a washburn with like seymore duncan pickup's it kinda gives me the wrong sound. Are you using a pick or are you finger picken'n? Thank's man.
-highlifer | 3/15/2004
I was playing a Squier Tele on the soundbyte
cos I didn't have my Fender then.
I'm plugged into a Peavey Scorpion amp,
which isn't really anything special, but I
play on the middle pickup, with the treble
up high on the amp, and the bass at about
halfway..the soundbyte sounds a little
overdriven, but that's just cos I recorded
through external microphone, so the levels
were a bit too loud, and the frets on the
Squier were bad, so there was some buzz
there... came out well... lol.. but you
might wanna add a SLIGHT touch of overdrive
for that Brad Paisley sound.. ;-)
-axehappy | 3/16/2004
amazin tab man... thanks a lot for doin that for all of us tele fans out there!!
-J-MR | 3/25/2004
Hi uhh is there a whole tab for this song because i really like to know uhh.. thanks
-peanut014 | 3/26/2004
what does rake mean
-dleue | 3/31/2004
good job dude...yea it got difficult in some parts but my girlfriend helped me out lol thanks man
-punksk8r4life08 | 4/29/2004
awesome tab, it took me awhile to figure it out but it was perfect. I don't know how u do it.
-carterstrat | 5/9/2004
Remember guys and girls, if you sign up as
a premium member to the site, there are
sound files on a lot of tabs which could
help you learn from the tab easier.
On this song for instance.. anyone having
trouble learning it, there's a soundfile of
me playing it at full tempo, and then I play
it slower to make it easier to follow.
Well worth signing up!
-axehappy | 5/10/2004
Awesome job axe,I have only been
playing for about two years but
this is definently long enough for
me to appreciate you talent
i love brad paisley and believe
that he is not only an exceptional
songwriter and singer, but an awesome
guitar player, keep up the good work
and dont worry about alll the bad

-oak | 5/19/2004
We'd probably get on pretty well then!
I started out playing Satriani and Vai so I
can shred too.. lol.. although I don't know
much theory, I can improvise pretty well
just by ear and experience. But see, metal
guitarists have this thing I've noticed...
they seem to think metal is the most
difficult style to play... WRONG! If you're
a fast player, then you can play metal. Any
of it. I can play pretty fast, so the Vai
and Satch stuff was only really a matter of
learning techniques like tapping etc.. the
speed wasn't much of a problem. I've found
with country, there are SO many different
techniques to get the right sound...its not
just foot to the floor and go crazy.. you
actually have to RELY on technique, more so
than speed... I know which style I prefer now!
-axehappy | 6/22/2004
i'm only 16 and don't have a steady job so i
can't really pay for the membership, so if anybody's
got the soundbyte please e-mail it to me at

p.s. i know it's only 9 cents a doy or something, but i don't use it too terribly much. thanx again.
-jwnmontana | 10/3/2004
Great tab again axe, it' s simply amamzing, jsut disragared keybord cowboy. your tabs have taught me so much, more than any other teacher i had. thanks for all you hard work for me and people like me, that dont have that super natural talent. i really enjoy your keith urban, and brad paisley tabs becasue they are always bang on. thanks

-touc17 | 11/4/2004
im just like these past postEEs and i dont have an aweful lot of money so can someone please send me the sound byte to
-kcwtrappers | 11/15/2004
i have a suggestion for the beginning


tell me what you think
-brandonjbarnhil | 12/4/2004
Great job Axe!!!!!!!!! Good tab!
-buckmaster122 | 12/15/2004

-dodo728 | 1/2/2005
wow how many times have i seen ppl leaving s**tty comments because they cant play the damn thing right.. anyways this is pretty good
-doubleb_07 | 1/21/2005
ive found myself not looking for the tabs that i like, but more the tabs that youve tabbed out, then i listen to the song because your one of the few greats on this site, great job man. you should do more toby, i know youve got some of his, but im in love with him and wanna see more of your tabs and his songs together... once again GREAT job.
-Ilovetoby | 1/31/2005
can someone please send me the soundbyte. I cant afford the full membership dealy but anyways could someon please send it to Great tab axe, you always tab 'em just right
-kjones001 | 3/5/2005
Axehappy you are the man thanks for everything you do man!!!!! Keep them comin
-rebelheart1440 | 5/2/2005
HI I paid for the premium mebership but cannot find the media file/audio.Was it removed?
-jt419oh | 7/6/2005
It should still be there.. if you go right up to the top of the tab, there's a thing that says 'soundbyte' with a little speaker next to it. Just click on that. :-)
Or, right click on the icon next to it, and save the file to your computer so you can use it whenever you want.
-axehappy | 7/7/2005
Dead On! AXE your the MAN! Keep em' comin
-bradfan04 | 8/5/2005
I think you're right, brandonjbarnhil. From watching Mud On The Lense he does the first part your way, although axe's sounds right his way also.
-guitarstime | 8/24/2005
Looks like a good tab. i am new to this stuff but my girlfriend loves the song, and i want to learn how to play it. could someone please send me the soundbyte at thanks

-gleis_4 | 9/6/2005
Axe, this is just awesome and I am glad that the keyboard cowboy punk was banned. keep up the good work man!
-sweethomealabam | 10/18/2005
axe ur the biggest douchebag ever! who ever i there riet minds would ban me... like jeez u can always start a new mmbership!! ur tab is still s**t and to all these "bad ass's" talkin s**t about me u guys can just liek me where i s**t and im not 14 i am actually 27 and i have been playing guitar since i was 8 years old i know this songs actual tabs because i went to brads website and emailed him for them and this tab looks nothing like it! axehappy is a f****t who takes it in the pooper adn if u want the real tabs come to my site... and i will show u

the real keyboardcowboy
-hottguy567 | 11/14/2005
axe ur the biggest douchebag ever! who ever i there riet minds would ban me... like jeez u can always start a new mmbership!! ur tab is still s**t and to all these "bad ass's" talkin s**t about me u guys can just liek me where i s**t and im not 14 i am actually 27 and i have been playing guitar since i was 8 years old i know this songs actual tabs because i went to brads website and emailed him for them and this tab looks nothing like it! axehappy is a f****t who takes it in the pooper adn if u want the real tabs come to my site... and i will show u

-hottguy567 | 11/14/2005
I am a poor boy just like the rest of the others who can't afford a membership, please e-mail me the sound byte, it is a great tab but there are some parts i'm having trouble with, my e-mail is
-bobby1122334 | 11/27/2005
Nice website.
Anyways nice tab, brad is a hell of a guitar player. If I had to pick the best guitar player right now in country music Id have to say its a tie between Urban and Paisley.
Very Nice didn't take no time at all to learn this.
-madtabber | 12/13/2005
wow... i am signing up for a membership just because of your tabs... this is amazing. I've always wanted to meet a guitarist as good as brad paisley, and from the looks of it, your just as good...maybe even better? I wish i knew how to get into more contact with people like you man, keep it up, you inspire people like me to be better and better!
-Jino13 | 12/30/2005
AXE YOU ROOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-cnielsen1 | 9/25/2009
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