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Brad Paisley - Make A Mistake (Intro)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: axehappy (126) on 7/31/03 17 comments
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Brad Paisley  -  Make A Mistake  (intro)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

Oh my god!!
This song is too difficult for words!
Here's the intro, I dunno about some of the chord
But all the notes are right.. :o)


/   =   slide up                                    h   =   hammer-on

br  =   bend & release                              b   =   bend


   Am       Gm     Fm    Abdim G/B   C      E/Ab Am    Fm/B Am


   C9     F           Ddim      Am Abdim   Am  Fmaj7         G7
                                                              w/g bender

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Axe you are freakin' amazing to be able to create a tab like this!!
Wow what a job, you are the master!
-Shantel | 7/31/2003
Agree with Shantel completely. Amazing job Axe!!!
-urbanriffs | 7/31/2003
I agree also. That's amazing!
-eric wilson | 7/31/2003
Eh. Its alright I guess.
-geetar81 | 7/31/2003
good job on intro axe those jaz chords can be tricky-lefty strat
-leftystrat | 8/4/2003
Woah dawg!! Wer dat come from? Dat's dope yo! Yo could ya record some o' da tab part too? it would be da shizzle!
-jeremy | 8/4/2003
This tab is helatight y'all. Hook a brotha up wit da chords, could ya.
-jeremy | 8/4/2003
I've submitted chords in the other tab.. :)
-axehappy | 8/4/2003
you got some ears axe!!! nicely done
-jwill | 8/21/2003
Wow! I played it all the way through perfectly!

And it only took me about 2 minutes... =/ lol
-JoeWallace | 8/24/2003
Wow, good job....Axe!!!
-punksk8r4life08 | 4/28/2004
Can't play it just yet, but it sounds practically perfect in every way. Just
like Mary Poppins... What?
-danielcraggs | 8/11/2004
wow, i'm not even a huge country fan, but i love this song. so jazzy. this is an awesome tab!
-bh3553 | 1/16/2005
amazing tab, keep em coming
great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-ginormous | 2/9/2005
axe your going to kill me. trying to learn this hard stuff is taking up all my time!
-possumbiter | 2/28/2005
sounds perfect
-sweethomealabam | 5/2/2005
Your tabs are damn awsome. Too bad I cant play good enough to get full enjoyment from them yet. But still it gives me lots to work on. Thanks. You do a fantastic job.
-stalker22 | 5/26/2005
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