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Brad Paisley - Mud On The Tires (Solo)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: axehappy (95) on 8/6/03 15 comments
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Brad Paisley  -  Mud On The Tires  (solo)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

Man, that was a tough solo to play.... :o(

OK, there's a part I've marked in the tab about seeing notes...this is them:

I'm pretty sure Brad plays this part using the string-bending device attached to his 
guitar, but these kinda licks can be played effectively without one...but they're not
Hold the notes in this section for as long as you can...your fingers are gonna have to be
strong because you are bending the notes with ONE finger, whereas normally, you'd
reinforce a bend with your free fingers.

I've included fingering underneath this part of the tab, to make it a bit easier to follow.
This is a handy style of string bending to know, as it often eliminates the need for a 
B or G bender... :o)

1 = index finger, 2 = middle finger, 3 = ring finger, 4 = little finger (pinky)


bh   =   bend & hold                                            ~   =   vibrato

r    =   release                                                /   =   slide up

x    =   dead note                                              br  =   bend & release

h    =   hammer-on                                              p   =   pulloff

\    =   slide down                                             pbr =   pre-bend & release

b    =   bend 




                                      * SEE NOTES

                                       1  1
                                       4  4
                                       3  3  3 2 1 2 3    


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
try to find every part of keith urban's whp wouldn't want to be me.
i think you can do it. because your the best tabber out there. and
all the fill in he does sounds cool. Thanks alot!!!
-silasathuong | 8/8/2003
axehappy, you should have a job that consists of you just sitting around tabbing brad p. good job.
-junglejoker | 1/29/2004
Got a soundbyte on this one?
-shadamon | 6/19/2004
Good tab. Did you ever think that Brad might be using a G bender on the wierd bend at the end. I don't have a G bender, but if I did I would play that part like this:


where b is a bend with the G bender. I wish I had a bender on my tele, I spend all my extra $ on amps though. Maybe someday :-)
-logansams | 11/28/2004
Ok, now I see your notes at the top. I do believe he is actually playing what I have tabbed out though. Still, a very nice tab.
-logansams | 11/30/2004
Hey guys, when you say "bending device" are you talking about a tremmello bar? sory if this is a stupid question, I've been playing for years but just recently picked it back up and was wondering if there was something new I didn't know about.
-david jordan | 2/11/2005
nah.. g bender is some sort of thing that is actually i believe dug into the back of the guitar and kinda bends the neck to give you the hold on the bend... I hadn't heard of it either so i looked it up.. its not just a whammy bar... they are like a thousand bucks or something... i looked up how to get one on the net and it was expensive.
-brianhersh | 2/25/2005
G-bender - A small hole is drilled into
your guitar from the neck plate to the
holes where you string your guitar (This
only works on guitar that have a full solid back guitars...Ex. a standard Tele). a
string loaded device is attached to the
neck plate. That is what you hook your
strap to(Notice any time you see brad
playing live or in videos he has his strap
hooked behind the guitar instead of the
standard strap peg). Pushing down on the
neck pulls up on the spring loaded device.
This pulls a bar that is in the hole that
was drilled. That leads to a metal loop that
is in an extended string hole for the G
string. This pulls the string by the end
loop raising its pitch anywhere from a half
step to 1 1/2steps. Paisleys g-benders are
installed by a friend of his name Charlie
McVay, The same guy who installed mine.
He lives in west virginia and plays in the
1170 band as there steel guitar player. The
same band Paisley play with as a teenager.
-the legend | 2/28/2005
That's pretty good Axe.
-sweethomealabam | 3/20/2005
First I you don't think you need a G - bender , take a look at what Jerry Donohue does with bends or Arlon Roth. You do need a lot of finger strength and probably lightish strings. What happen to the lovely sliding A13 run that you originally tabbed. It seemed to fit very well. You obviously changed the tab for a good reason. Have you seen him play it live?By the way great tab!
-drbob4 | 3/25/2005
i think when he makes the first bend into the solo he grabs the d string above the head stock and bends it down
-kato91902 | 4/21/2005
You never dissappoint me axe, great tab, now if i could only play the damn thing cleanly lol
-dscott2003 | 8/11/2005
hey im not a real good guitar player(im kinda a beginner) and if anyone can let me know of an easy good country song out there id appreciate it. Just leave a note under my message

c ya
nice job axe
-rocknsoutherner | 12/13/2005
hey im not a real good guitar player(im kinda a beginner) and if anyone can let me know of an easy good country song out there id appreciate it. Just leave a note under my message

c ya
nice job axe
-rocknsoutherner | 12/13/2005
Just a note that I've noticed after seeing Brad live a few times...

on the opening bended note, ( D to E) he plays the open D string, and bends the note up a whole step (to E) by bending the string BEHIND the nut with his middle and ring fingers... Still the same notes as the tab, just kind of a cool trick if you ever want to "flash" up your playing...
-jocainerocks | 6/27/2008
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