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Brad Paisley - Some Mistakes 2 (Chord)
Album: 5th Gear (2007)
Submitter: CRToon83 (3) on 6/2/08
Month Views: 586 | Total Views: 3,745
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Originally tabbed by cntyotlw

Brad Paisley

Some Mistakes

G C G C G C G C 

G C G C 

G                               C
You may think I'm wrong for you and You're wrong for me
G                              C
To look at us on paper I would have to agree
G                             C
It coulda been the moonlight, It could have been the wine
G                                       C
But the way that we were acting Hell it could have been moonshine
    D              C       G/B
And oh Where do we go from here
        D             C
I don't know but baby one thing's clear

G       C         G        C
Some Mistakes are too much fun
   Em   C D  G
To only make once

G C 

G                                    C
There's this little straight stretch just south of here
G                                   C
It's great for mashing down the gas and trying out 5th gear
G                          C
But it's also a speed trap twice I've gotten caught
G                                     C
But something bout it calls to me and I can't seem to stop
    D               C    G/B
And Oh you have the same effect
  D                   C
I know I'll just keep comin' back

G       C         G        c
Some mistakes are too much fun
   Em   C D  G
To only make once

               C         G/B       D G
Well there are things in life that I regret 
         C         G/B     D        G
And even more that haven't happened yet
         C    G/B      D          Em
It would be a shame if our little fling 
C      G        D        G
Always stayed a one time thing


Some day if we're lucky
We'll get old enough
G                                C
to finally be embarrassed by the crazy things we've done
G                        C
Be just like our parents responsible and bland
G                         C
No risk no excitement hey lets get it while we can 

G       C         G        C
Some mistakes are too much fun
Em      C D
to only make 
G         C       G        C
Love like this is too much fun
Em      C D  G
To only make once

G C G C G C G C...

- Barrett Coffey
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