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Brantley Gilbert - My Kind Of Crazy (Chord)
Album: Halfway to Heaven (2010)
Submitter: georgiaboy16 (7) on 4/1/10 1 comment
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This song is a little hard to pick up at first but listen to the track a few
times and you'll get the chord changes right

Tune the guitar a half step down

Verse 1:
She says ([A]) ",look baby I'm a rockstar"
([D]) Grabs my old guitar
([A]) Playin' it upside down
([D]) Dancin around in front of our tv
([A]) I can't see the ball game
([D]) So I just wave my light around and say
([A]) ",rock on baby, I'd rather watch you anyway

But when your ([F#m]) done, can I come back stage
([E]) And get you to sign your name on that
([D]) Zepplin shirt of mine your wearin
([E]) And never wash that thing again"

([D]) Yeah ([A]) she's my kinda crazy ([E])
Little games she plays lord will ([D]) never get old ([A])
She's too ([E]) cute to get on my last nerve
([D]) The way she ([A]) throws her little fits ([E]), pokin out her lip
Bitin ([F#m]) mine when we kiss, there ain't a ([E]) fight that she can't win
That's my ([D]) baby, and ([E]) she's my kinda crazy

Verse 2:
([A]) You oughta see her in my pickup
([D]) She's gotta have that radio up
([A]) Bless her heart she can't sit still
([D]) Head in my lap, bare feet on the windshield

([F#m]) says "C'mon baby let me ([E]) drive"
([D]) "Now honey it's a stick-shift, remember what you ([E]) last time"

Chorus again

([F#M]) she never lets me rest ([E]) she keeps me up all night
([F#m]) she'll roll me off the bed ([E]) steal the covers off my side
([F#m]) but I hear ",wake up sleepy head" ([E]) and I open up my eyes
([F#m]) and it's all worth the ([E]) while

Chorus one last time then play [A], [E] twice for outro

You can also play this song in key of G with the capo on the first fret
and the guitar in standard tuning
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whats the strum pattern for this song?
-wstumps | 8/13/2010
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