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Brooks & Dunn - Believe (Chord)
Album: Hillbilly Deluxe (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (472) on 9/1/05 19 comments
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Brooks & Dunn
Album: Hillbilly Deluxe
2005, Arista Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
6:54 AM 9/1/2005

Capo 2nd Fret

Baug  = xx5443  OR  x21000
Em/Eb = xx1000

Intro: (G)  (G) 

(Gadd9) Old man Wrigley lived in that white house
(D/F#) Down the street where I grew up
(Em) Momma used to send me over with things
(G7) We struck a friendship up
(C) I spent a few long summers (D) (Dsus) (D) out on his old porch (G) swing

(Gadd9) Says he was in the war when in the Navy
(D/F#) Lost his wife, lost his baby
(Em7) Broke down and asked him on time
(G7) How ya keep from going cra(C)zy
(C) He said I'll see my wife and son in just a little while
(G/D) I asked him what he meant
(D) He looked at (Dsus) me
Smiled and (D) said..

  I raise my (G) hands
  Bow my (Dsus) head (D)
  I'm (Cadd9) finding more and more truth
  In the words written in red (Em/Eb)
  They (Am7) tell me that there's (Gadd9/B) more to life
  Than (C) just what I can see (D) (Dsus)
  Oh, (D) I be(G)lieve  

Few years later I was off at college
Talkin' to mom on the phone one night
Getting all caught up on the gossip
The ins and outs of the small town life
She said oh by the way, son
Old man Wrigley's died

Later on that night
I laid there thinkin' back
Thought 'bout couple long-lost summers
I didn't know whether to cry or laugh 
If there was ever anybody
Deserved a ticket to the other side
I'd be that sweet old man
Who looked me in the eye said

  I raise my (G) hands
  Bow my (Dsus) head (D)
  I'm (Cadd9) finding more and more truth
  In the words written in red (Em/Eb)
  They (Am7) tell me that there's (Gadd9/B) more to life
  Than (C) just what I can see (D) (Dsus)

(Em) I can't quote the book
The (Baug) chapter or the verse
You (G/D) can't tell me (G/B) it all ends
In a (A7/C#) slow ride in a (A7) hearse
You (Am7) know I'm more and (Gadd9/B) more convinced
The (Gadd9/D#) longer that I live
This (Am11) can't be
No, this (Gadd9/D#) can't be
No, this (Dadd9) can't be all there (Dsus) is

  I raise my (G) hands
  Bow my (Dsus) head (D)
  I'm (Cadd9) finding more and more truth
  In the words written in red (Em/Eb)
  They (Am7) tell me that there's (Gadd9/B) more to life
  Than (C) just what I can see (D) (Dsus)
  Oh, (D) I be(Em)lieve  
  Oh (A7) I.... I be(C)lieve (E)
  I be(A)lieve 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sounds great good work
-JuanJuarez64 | 9/5/2005
The third chord (C) is wrong
its a */c chord
-coltc | 11/7/2005
what is a */c
-WildCard76 | 11/7/2005
Great job, Chris. Regarding the third chord, I have tried several possible alternatives, such as 032030 and 020000, but nothing sounds any better than good ole C. Assuming he is playing along with the recording, maybe the tones from the organ (after all, ten fingers can create some pretty complex chords on the organ) and/or the vocalist are coloring coltc's perception. Just a guess.
-crcrcrcr | 11/19/2005
Thanks for the rating. I really do appreciate that.
-WildCard76 | 11/19/2005
He means it is a *(something) over a C chord. I play bass so C works just fine for
-blandrith | 11/21/2005
I tabbed this without a capo, and then sort of changed it to what it would be with a Capo on the 2nd fret.. and all the chords matched up except the 3rd one (the C) and it would be Em. It would be F#m without a capo. Atleast that is what I think.

Also, in the chorus, where you have Am7 to C/B.. I believe that the C/B could also be a Bm.. but not positive. Just possible though.

Heh and one more thing. In that last little verse, you have a Am7 to C/B to Cm7. The way it sounds to me, the Am7 should be a G, and the Cm7, might be an A.. but I am just a tad less confident about that one. Let me know if I am being biased to my own playing or if it does sound right.
-sanders4617 | 11/25/2005
I think the chords listed as C/B are really supposed to be G/B. Also, in the chorus, I don't think it's a D7 that's played on the word "head". It may be a Bm7, but I'm not positive. Finally, I don't think the Cm7 during the "slow ride in a hearse" line of the bridge is correct. I'm not sure if the following is correct, but it sounds pretty good: "...with a (Em)slow ride (G/D)in a (C)hearse."
-dlbisese | 12/2/2005
only thing i really see wrong is..the D in the verse's need to be D/F#. to me it sounds liek the verse's need to be these chords....G , D/F#, Em7... but in respect to wild this tab is really good..a 9 to me..just some notes left off sounds like...great job though great song.
-chad_jarnigan | 12/3/2005
Really good tab this is a great song THANK YOU
-Graczyk13 | 12/14/2005
um.... you suck it sounded nothing like the song lol
-e_tellor | 12/16/2005
how does the srumming or plucking go?!
-KyAl_33 | 12/16/2005
Hey, Wildcard, I just played this with the recording, I really don't know where everyone else is hearing different! Sounds great to me. Good job!
-Jonnyboy182 | 12/17/2005
I played this with the CD and found it to be very good, thank you.
-PLEVOY | 12/19/2005
I really love this song its beautiful, I agree that the C sounds the best, I would actually like the Tab, so i know Exactly where to strum..on the chords... But im doing well enough i think... but it would help alot... good job

-ChelseaSAG | 1/6/2006
really really good job excelent yeah!! i love to sing this song and i was looking for a diferent way then with no capo i was doing it like , in A and E and D , that is another way to play it but i like your way best cause with your way its like playing more than rithem good job man keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
-e_tellor | 1/20/2006
On the "slow ride in a hearse" line, try a "A7" !
-ER | 1/20/2006
could someone with more talent than me, tab out the riff in the intro? thanx a lot, i appreciate it
-2dan2 | 2/9/2006
would it be possible to have this song tabbed for fingerstyle? I think it would sound so so good. Thanx
-ihavethetoolsdc | 2/15/2006
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