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Brooks & Dunn - Indian Summer (Chord)
Album: #1's...And Then Some (2009)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2) on 5/21/09 3 comments
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Indian Summer (Single issue)
Recorded by Brooks & Dunn

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (G) (F#m/G) | (Em/G) (F#m/G) | (G) (F#m/G) | (Em/G) (F#m/G) |

The (G)tall weeds (F#m/G)lay flat (Em/G)down (F#m/G)
on the (G)hard flat (F#m/G)Kansas (Em/G)ground (F#m/G)
And a (G)sad song (F#m/G)in her (Em/G)head kept (D/G)blowin' (C) 'round (Bm) (Am)

She (G)barely even (F#m/G)knew his (Em/G)name (F#m/G)
But she (G)liked the way he (F#m/G)played the game(Em/G) (F#m/G)
(G)Everybody (F#m/G)cheered when he (Em/G)scored that (D/G)last touch (C)down (Bm) (Am) (D)

Indian sum-(G)mer, the wonder, the (Em)hunger
And the sound of (Bm)dis-(D)tant (C)thunder, (D) Indian sum-(G)mer (F#m/G) (Em/G) (D/G)

(G)Tangled in a (F#m/G)moment of (Em/G)truth (D/G)
Bottle of (G)wine in a (F#m/G)motel room (Em/G) (D/G)
(G)blue haze (F#m/G)circles (Em/G)'round the (D/G)cold (C)grey moon (Bm) (Am)

While the (G)wind chased the (F#m/G)leaves outside (Em/G) (D/G)
(G)Passion found a (F#m/G)place to hide (Em/G) (D/G)
(G)Late Sep-(D/G)tember (Em/G)heat couldn't (D/G)be denied(C) (Bm) (Am) (D)

Oh, Indian (G)summer, the wonder, the (Em)hunger
And the sound of (Bm)dis-(D)tant (C)thunder, (D) Indian sum-(G)mer

Inst.:  --- | (G)  | (Em)  | (Em)  | (F)  | (F)  | (C)  | (C) ---

She (G)never even (F#m/G)finished school, (Em/G) (F#m/G)
People like to (G)talk, they can (F#m/G)be so cruel (Em/G) (F#m/G)
Heard (G)Cali-(F#m/G)fornia was a (Em/G)place to (D/G)start brand (C)new (Bm) (Am)

So she (G)left that (F#m/G)dust bowl town (Em/G) (F#m/G)
Some-(G)times when a (F#m/G)lone wind howls (Em/G) (F#m/G)
I (G)wonder where we'd be if I never scored that last touch (C)down

(G)Summer, the wonder, the (Em)hunger
And the sound of (Bm)distant (Am)thunder, (D) Indian sum-(G)mer

(Am)Ohhh, (C) ohhh (D) (G) --- fade out
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
HELL YEAH!!! Thank God that we have B & D to bring us sad-drinking-losing-songs like this one!
-WildCard76 | 7/11/2009
Just wondering what is the fingering of the F#m/G chord? I tried looking it up online but I can't find it.... Any help is greatly appreciated.
-Stratocastorfan | 8/19/2009
You should just play F#m with your guitar. If you play with your band, the bassist should play G note. F#m/G is a "split chord" which means to play F#m chord on G bass note.
-Koichi Kondo | 8/19/2009
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