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Brooks & Dunn - Lost and Found (Chord)
Album: Brand New Man (1991)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 12/25/01
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 12,441
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(E) (E) (E) (E)

(E)                   (E)
I lost her trail on a Friday night
        (A)               (B)
She was gone before I got home
(E)                (E)
She'd been getting restless
        (B)           (B)
In that big house all alone
          (E)               (E)
I've been up and down these city streets
    (A)               (E)
For three nights in a row
    (A)               (E)
And lord it's hard to find that girl
         (B)              (E)
When she gets the urge to go

It's kinda like a lost and found
In a border town
(E)                   (A)
Askin' bout a diamond ring
They just look at you
Like you've lost your mind
Say they haven't seen a thing
      (A)                  (B)
But I know she's been here lately
      (E)             (A)
I can still smell her perfume
             (B)        (B)  (A)
And she gets crazy on a full moon

(E)                  (E)
And I know she'll be coming back
           (A)           (B)
Her car is waiting right outside
(E)                  (E)
But, I don't want to think about
      (B)              (B)
Who's taking her for a ride
And her unpredictability
   (A)                   (E)
Is what I love about her best

(A)              (E)
Lord I've got to find her quick
           (B)              (E)
Before she does something I regret

(A)             (B)
She's out there somewhere
(A)           (B)
Burnin up the night
(A)                 (B)
Somehow I've got to run her down
I'm running out of time 
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