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Brooks & Dunn - Silver and Gold (Chord)
Album: Waitin' On Sundown (1994)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/16/01
Month Views: 41 | Total Views: 2,938
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(Intro Cm to Eb - You'll have to play with this one as these two chords
are over 3 beats - difficult to indicate without using the grape-vine's
timing notation etc.) 

Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / |

 / / / / (F)

(F)She knows what's been keepin' him out too (Eb)late  (F)
She never was the kind to sit a(Eb)round and wait (Eb F Eb)
She loosened the (F)locket he gave (Eb)her
She took off her (F)wedding band
(Cm)And when he gets home he'll find

(F)All she's left behind is

(Bb)Silver and (F)gold  (Cm)

Havn't they lost their (Eb F Bb)shine

Tonight she let (F)go(Eb) for the last time(F Bb)

(Bb)Just silver and (F)gold (Cm)

Ties that no longer (Eb F Bb)bind her

Now he's left a(F)lone with (Cm)silver and gold (Eb  F)

(F)He could've kept her love so easi(Eb)ly  (F)

It wasn't like she didn't try to (Eb)make him see (Eb F Eb)

But once she made (F)up her mind (Eb)

There was no (F)turnin' back (Cm)

And he's gonna understand(F)

When all he's holdin' in his hands (Bb)is


(Cm)And what once was sacred, (Eb)only yesterday (Fm)

They don't mean a thing as she (Ab)walks away (Bb) (Cm)... (Solo)

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