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Brothers Osborne - It Ain't My Fault (Chord)
Album: Pawn Shop (2016)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (806) on 8/18/17
Month Views: 135 | Total Views: 13,781
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It Ain't My Fault
Written by John Osborne, TJ Osborne & Lee Thomas Miller
Recorded by Brothers Osborne

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D) |(D) |(D) |(D) |
         |(Em) |(Em) |(Am) |(Am)(G)(Em) / |(Em) |(Em) |(Am) |(Am)(G)(Em) |
         |2/4(Am)(G)|4/4(Em) |(Em) / /

Blame the (Em)whiskey on the beer, blame the beer on the whiskey
Blame the (Am)mornin' on the night for whose lyin' here (Em)with me
Blame the (Em)bar for the band, blame the band for the song
Blame the (Am)song for the party that went all night (Em)long

But it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault
No, it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault
Mighta (Am)had a little fun, lotta wrong I'd done
But it (Am)ainft (G)my (Em)fault

Blame the (Em)heart for the hurtinf, blame the hurtin' on the heart
Blame the (Am)dark on the devil, blame the devil on the (Em)dark
Blame the (Em)ex for the drinkinf, blame the drinkin' for the ex
Blame the (Am)two for one tequila's for whatever happens (Em)next

Repeat Chorus

I got my (Em)hands up, I need an alibi
Find me a witness who can testify
(Am)You (G)made a (Em)mistake, you got the wrong guy
I'm only guilty of a damn good time, no it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault

Solo:   / / / |(Bm) |(Am) |(Am)(G)(Em) |
        |(G) |(Am) |(Em)(Am)|(Em)(Am)|
        |(G) |(Am) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |
        |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em)

Blame my (Em)reason on my name, blame my name on my reason
Blame my (Am)lack of knowing better on public education (Em)
Blame (Em)smoke on the fire, blame fire on the smoke
Blame the (Am)fight on the bouncer that couldn't take a joke, but it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault

Repeat Bridge

No, it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault
No, it (Am)ain't (G)my (Em)fault

Outro.:  |(Em) |(Em) |(Am) |(Am)(G)(Em) / |
         |(Em) |(Em) |(Am) |(Am)(G)(Em) |(Am)(G)(Em) - - - - - 
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