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Buddy Jewell - Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song)-adjusted (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (107) on 5/31/03 10 comments
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Help Pour Out The Rain
By Buddy Jewel

C/B  – X20010
Am/G – 3X2210
Dm7  – XX0211

These "wierd" chord are nothing more than a walking down bass
line that when you play the bass note in the song it really fills
it out.

Many thanks to ER for clearing my head on this tab! Great help!!

C  C/B  Am  Am/G  F  G

C              F              C
The moment was custom made to order
      Dm7            Em
I was ridin’ with my daughter
       F                G
On our way back from Monroe
And like children do
            F              C
She started playing twenty questions
      Dm7              Em
But I never could have guessed one
      F              G
Would touch me to my soul

She said:

      F              G
Daddy when we get to heaven
      C         C/B   Am   Am/G
Can I taste the Milky Way
       F              G
Are we goin' there to visit
          C     C/B      Am    Am/G
Or are we goin’ there to stay
     F               G
Am I gonna to see my grandpa
      C      C/B     Am
Can I have a pair of wings
           Dm                   Em          F
And do you think that God could use another angel
   G                 C
To help pour out the rain

Well I won't lie, I pulled that car right over
And I sat there on the shoulder, tryin’ to dry my misty eyes
And I whispered, Lord I wanna thank you for my children
Cause your innocence that fills them often takes me by surprise


C  C/B  Am  Am/G  F  G twice

       F                G
Well I thought about it later on
      C          C/B   Am
And a smile came to my face
           Dm7             Em
And when I tucked her into bed
           F               G
I got down on my knees and prayed

Ending chorus

Lord when I get to heaven can I taste the Milky Way
I don't want to come to visit cause I'm commin home to stay
And I can't wait to see my family and meet Jesus face to face
And do you think lord you could use just one more angel

To help pour out the rain

Can I help pour out the rain

C  C/B  Am  Am/G  F  G
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I think you had it right the first time when the Em was a C, but I
could be wrong.
-Shantel | 6/2/2003
F sounds better where the am7 is but other than that
great job this is a awsome song anyway
-HARDT0303 | 6/5/2003
OK, with help from ER, I think this is the
final version. I hope y'all enjoy it.
-lmofle | 6/6/2003
I just saw him play it live on tv and the
Am/G he played was shaped like this....


And it sounds good to.
-rawood | 7/8/2003
The chord you just showed is actually
an Am7/G.
-DougieLove | 7/14/2003
the em is a c i listen to the song its plain and simple this song he
just walks the c down to an Am its simple but good job on tabing this
he also after the Am goes back to the bass string at the intro lada
dada de de de de so on ........ thats how i see it atleast

-Carl Suiter | 1/19/2004
thatt is right on man ......great tab..........very nicly put together.........ty
-ryanlars | 8/12/2005
this is the most beautiful song as todate. yes.imtakling to you dont let your children slip away.
-rvparker1210 | 9/13/2005
I'm not sure I understand the last comment...?
-lmofle | 9/14/2005
the comment just simply maens to have a relationship with your children so thay can feel comfortable coming to you about anything on there mind GOD BLESS.hope this clear up my commett GOD BLESS.
-rvparker1210 | 9/14/2005
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